The Four Elements of a Successful Pre-Season: #4 Meet the Specific Needs of Individual Players

All pre-season training programmes are designed to prepare a squad to meet overall team objectives, but they can sometimes fall down when it comes to making allowances for the needs of individual players.

Even at the elite level, individual athletes vary in their capacity for exercise. This variation comes from a series of factors, including age, genetics, training history, skill level, and motivation. There are also other nuances to consider, such as players coming back from injury, or the physical demands of different positions on the field. As a result of this variance, coaches shouldn’t expect all athletes to respond in the same way to the same set of drills.

To read more about performance monitoring in pre-season, including comments from Chris Barnes, Sports Performance Consultant, you can download our Four Elements of a Successful Pre-Season eBook via the link below.


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