How New Live Athlete Monitoring Features Unlock Real-Time Insights for Faster Decision-Making

Data collected from training sessions objectively indicates whether outputs from players reached session goals. This process is vitally important when it comes to best-supporting players in efforts to continually improve.

At times, this process of ensuring continual improvement and/or effective periodization can be dangerous as players are perilously close to overtraining. Often, it has been described as a cliff edge, and if players spend too long in the overtraining phase, they are more susceptible to injury.

To overcome this challenge:

Today, Catapult announced new live athlete monitoring features to enhance real-time data capture and analysis within Catapult Vector

Now, Vector Live App, allows for faster decision-making with real-time decisions from the sidelines.

This live, real-time workflow improvement ensures coaches and practitioners can react objectively when it matters most, during training, and saves them time during key analysis workflows since post-session analysis took countless hours after training and matches.

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Vector Live App

Within the Vector Live App, teams and coaches can now capture more athlete data directly from the sidelines, keep coaches informed instantly, and impact the game and training strategies in real-time:

#1 Objective Adjustments from the Sidelines:

Coaches can manage athlete workloads live, ensuring they maximize every second of player performance. With individual targets for each athlete, they can see when athletes are under- or over-performing their thresholds and make in-game adjustments rather than waiting for post-game analysis and risking costly injuries.

#2 Live Player Comparisons:

Real-time player comparisons can inform game strategies without having to wait for lengthy post-game analysis. Whether in training or in games, coaches can compare athlete-to-athlete performance or compare individual athletes to both pre-set targets and historical data to see which players are performing at their best.

#3 Instant Benching Capabilities:

Data analysis can now move as quickly as the game. Coaches are able to instantly swap players in real-time and maintain intensity data, including speed, acceleration, and heart rate, during player changes, never losing a minute to manual tasks and analysis.

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Tried and tested

Vector is used at the most elite levels of competitive sports, including soccer and football, and allows teams to prepare for the demands of any competition by managing player workloads and monitoring individual athlete development. 

The Vector athlete monitoring system has the highest standards for accuracy, reliability, and efficiency to empower critical decisions about player performance, risk of injuries, and return to play.

According to Jack Christopher, Head of Academy Sports Science and Physical Fitness at Chelsea FC Academy:

“With the new updates to the Vector Live App, we have been able to input historical data for every individual, so we can understand how much they have completed compared to their own individual norms and decide if they are doing too much or too little. This allows us to make accurate real-time decisions on athlete loading and save time in post-session editing.”

43% more data literate…

In a recent survey of top professional and collegiate teams from around the world, 43% of respondents said their coaches were more data literate than ever before. And 57% of teams reported plans to increase their spending on technology to improve player health and performance over the next year. And here’s why:

German Football Association (DFB), Head of Analysis, continued: ​​“Catapult’s solutions allow us to make objective decisions about how we train our athletes and how we establish our competitive advantage over opponents.”

“I’m not aware of other technologies that can tell us what Catapult’s solutions are telling us, and we’re excited to continue to move forward with the data and certainly excited for other innovations in the future,” said LA Kings, Director of Strength and Performance Science.

Boston College, Football Head Coach: “Catapult technology will help to objectively reduce risk and objectively optimize our performances, enabling our student-athletes to succeed.”

Catapult CEO, Will Lopes said: “Customers around the world tell us they rely on our data and insights to make better decisions and save critical coaching hours. 

“Just a few short months after we released the first-of-its-kind video and wearable data integration for soccer and rugby, our customers are able to make objective decisions even faster directly from the sidelines, for both individual athletes as well as the team as a whole. We continue to be the undisputed industry leader.”

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