Get the latest updates from Catapult as we bring elite athlete monitoring and video analysis solutions to the world's top teams, leagues and organizations.


Get the latest updates from Catapult as we bring elite athlete monitoring and video analysis solutions to the world's top teams, leagues and organizations.

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Will Lopes



Will Lopes is the CEO of Catapult Sports, a global SaaS company that helps elite sports teams capture, analyze, plan, and share insights about their athletes. The business is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:CAT) and has more than 500 staff across 28 locations, working with more than 4,000 elite teams in 40+ sports, including the NFL, EPL, MLB, NHL, AFL, and NCAA.

Under Mr. Lopes’ leadership, the global organization has achieved record ACV growth, earned single-digit churn among customers, and expanded its technology to include all levels of athletes, from amateurs to elites. Most recently he led the acquisition of Formula One video analysis platform SBG Sports Software, based in London.

Before joining Catapult, Mr. Lopes was the Chief Revenue Officer of Amazon subsidiary Audible where he scaled the business internationally to reach millions of customers across 40 languages and developed extensive enterprise partnerships to accelerate customer growth. His experience with the brand spanned 18 years, including the company’s IPO and acquisition by Amazon in 2008.

Matt Bairos



Matt Bairos brings nearly 25 years of experience in the sports technology industry, with a rich background encompassing various technical and commercial-oriented roles. In his role as Chief Product Officer, he drives Catapult's product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Bairos' extensive experience and expertise have contributed to Catapult Sports' global expansion and its reputation as a leader in sports performance solutions.

Notable achievements include spearheading the development and management of Thunder, PlayerOnDemand Recruiting, NCAA Football Video Exchange, and Catapult Vector.

Previously, Bairos served as President and CEO of XOS Digital, later acquired by Catapult. Before his tenure at XOS Digital, Bairos made significant contributions to the video technology industry at Pinnacle Systems and Avid Sports. A proud native of Boston, Massachusetts, Bairos holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Salem State University.



Gareth Griffith brings more than 30 years of experience leading successful software companies across diverse industries including film visual effects, television graphics, and sports data analysis. As Chief Technology Officer at Catapult, he spearheads the company’s engineering strategy and development initiatives, influencing elite sports globally.

Griffith’s remarkable career highlights include pivotal roles in Formula One, where he contributed to the development of race strategy tools for the World Championship-winning Brawn Grand Prix and Mercedes AMG Formula One teams. In the film industry, his software was used in over 500 movies including 13 consecutive winners of the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

Prior to joining Catapult, Griffith was the Founder and CEO of SBG Sports Software, acquired by Catapult in 2021. SBG Sports Software is widely used by teams and officials in Formula One, Formula E, the World Endurance Championships and the English Premier League. Griffith’s companies have three times won the UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation. Griffith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and an honorary doctorate from the University of London.

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