The Four Elements of a Successful Pre-Season: #3 Monitor Performance Progression

Historically, pre-season was a time when coaches would ‘beast’ players, subjecting them to relentless cardiovascular programmes with little consideration for individual needs, position, or sport-specific movements.

The days of those one-size-fits-all pre-season programmes are largely gone, replaced by more scientific approaches that consider the overarching performance goals of the organisation and the needs of individual players and their specific positions. In order to establish a successful and fully validated pre-season programme of that kind, it’s vital that clubs quantify and monitor performance progression on both a team and individual level by establishing effective athlete monitoring processes.

To read more about performance monitoring in pre-season, including comments from Professor Aaron Coutts, Professor in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Technology Sydney, you can download our Four Elements of a Successful Pre-Season eBook via the link below.


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