Catapult launches updated Baseball Analytics Suite

Collaboration with Major League Baseball

We’re proud to announce the release of Catapult’s updated Baseball Analytics Suite, developed in collaboration with Major League Baseball.

Improving on existing baseball-specific event detection, and adding a new suite of metrics, the Baseball Analytics Suite redefines how coaches can instantly action mechanical, skill-specific loading data, helping to get the most out of their players’ performance and manage their training exposure effectively.

Enhancing Baseball Analytics

The baseball-specific event detection includes pitch, throw and swing movements, as well as adding a layer of context in the type of pitch performed by the player (stretch and wind-up).

By enabling complex machine learning algorithms to process baseball events in the live environment, the Baseball Analytics Suite brings value to coaching staff by allowing them to make important decisions in real-time. Coaching staff can also see event analysis both live and post-session, which can be used to build a detailed picture of the physical demands placed on baseball players.

Enhanced Baseball Analytics Suite

The new metrics can also be used to mitigate injury risk by using inertial-based swing, throw and pitch quantification and analysis. For example, understanding how many times a pitcher is throwing or pitching a ball throughout a rotation or season, or quantifying the intensity with which they pitch in fatigued and non-fatigued states.

“Injury plays a significant part in elite baseball, with many injuries occurring during baseball-specific events, such as batting, pitching and throwing,” says Mike Lee, Product Owner at Catapult. “We have redefined our machine learning algorithms for significantly improved event detection accuracy, helping in the objective quantification of injury risk, as the longevity of players and ensuring they are available to play is key.

MLB’s Commitment to Innovation

“It also helps teams understand the specific demands of different drills, and answer performance questions like how the demands of preseason affect the physical output and readiness of players. MLB is stepping up its commitment to innovation and we are proud that our technology can contribute to the performance of athletes within the league, and in teams around the world.”

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