Basketball Video Analysis with Focus: How Boston College use a Live-to-Bench Workflow

Live video analysis is transforming how basketball teams gain a competitive edge during games. In this blog, we’ll highlight how Boston College takes in-game analysis to the next level using Catapult Pro Video.

In the realm of basketball live video analysis, Catapult’s extensive experience across various high-intensity sports has set a solid foundation for innovation and collaboration. With established partnerships that include all NHL teams, the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMOL), and almost every Formula 1 team.

In a dynamic courtside setting, a Boston College team member utilizes the Catapult Pro Video Focus platform on a laptop to engage in real-time basketball video analysis. The live-to-bench workflow is in action, exemplifying how instant sideline analysis empowers teams to make swift strategic decisions.

Catapult has demonstrated its leadership in providing real-time insights and performance analytics. This experience has deeply influenced the development of the Pro Video platform and its Focus solution, known for superior live capabilities and ease of use compared to other platforms.

“The integration of Focus in a live setting into our basketball program has significantly enhanced our ability to dissect and understand game dynamics on a whole new level. Its real-time video analysis capability has been pivotal in making immediate adjustments during halftime, thus elevating our team’s performance.”

Derrick Slayton, Video Coordinator at Boston College WBB

Using Focus for Real-Time, Live Feedback and Analysis

The Focus solution is pivotal for basketball teams seeking real-time feedback to make swift in-game adjustments. Unlike other platforms, Focus offers intuitive live video analysis, ensuring teams like Boston College never miss a moment. This capability fosters a culture of continuous improvement and strategic adaptation unheard of by previous systems.

This blog explores Boston College’s use of Focus in a live setting, showcasing how Catapult’s two decades of innovation in video analysis continue to push basketball excellence forward.

Discover how Focus Live can transform your basketball program’s video analysis workflow.

A focused interaction between a Boston College basketball player and a coach is taking place, with the Pro Video Focus analysis visible on the laptop screen. This highlights the integration of live video analysis in their training, crucial for enhancing performance and in-game tactics.

Maximizing Efficiency and ACC Compliant

The adoption of Focus within basketball programs, including Boston College, has showcased its capacity to streamline operations and ensure compliance with league mandates. 

This technology facilitates a ‘Live to Bench’ workflow, essential for real-time decisions that can pivot the game’s direction. Beyond live analysis, Focus’s versatility extends to post-game processes, simplifying how teams meet league requirements.

“Our ability to upload game footage on Synergy seamlessly, thanks to Focus, meets the ACC requirements and significantly boosts our game preparation and strategy formulation,” Slayton highlights.

This efficiency in managing and uploading game footage not only saves time but also enhances how teams like Boston College prepare and strategize, demonstrating Focus’s dual value in immediate game-time decisions and post-game analysis compliance.

Join the ranks of Boston College and other elite programs in harnessing the power of Focus Live.

Focus for Live Basketball Video Analysis: User-Friendly Experience

Focus isn’t just changing how teams analyze past performances, it’s reshaping in-game strategy and player development. With Focus’ user-friendly interface and customizable features, Boston College’s staff finds it invaluable for enhancing game plans and player instruction.

“The potential of using Focus in real-time, live to impact our coaching and player development is immense. We’re exploring innovative ways to utilize this tool, from in-game teaching to recruiting, showcasing our forward-thinking approach to prospects,” explains Slayton.

DERRICK SLAYTON, VIDEO COORDINATOR AT BOSTON COLLEGE WBB and staff are seen discussing strategies courtside, with a laptop showcasing the Catapult Pro Video Focus software in the foreground. This image captures the essence of how the live-to-bench workflow facilitates immediate game-time adjustments and strategic planning.

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Potential

The simplicity and intuitive nature of Focus’ live workflow makes it a preferred choice for basketball programs focused on maximizing game analysis and strategy development. Focus’ customizable views and real-time sharing capabilities ensure that coaches and players receive immediate, actionable insights, enabling swift tactical adjustments.

Elevating Boston College Basketball with Focus in a Live Setting

The Boston College basketball program’s experience with Focus is a testament to the technology’s transformative impact. By facilitating immediate video analysis and enabling comprehensive game and practice reviews, using Focus in real-time, live has become an essential component of its success strategy.

Pro Video Basketball Suite

Embrace the live-to-bench, On-Court Revolution in Basketball Video Analysis

As the basketball community continues its quest for excellence, Focus stands out as a pivotal innovation, guiding teams towards a future where every decision is informed by detailed, real-time analysis. With its adoption by leading programs and its capacity to revolutionize video analysis workflows, Focus is not just a tool for today but a foundation for tomorrow’s victories.

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Discover Live Basketball Video Analysis For Your Team

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By embracing Focus and the Live to Bench workflow, basketball programs can unlock new dimensions of performance analysis, strategy refinement, and player development, setting a new standard for competitive excellence.

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