Live Analysis: How Catapult Empowers Real-Time Coaching Decisions and Player Adjustments

Catapult’s live analysis solutions deliver real-time video and insights to the F1 Pitwall, NHL bench, and beyond. Now, any sport can view live video and data with Pro Video to empower real-time coaching decisions, player adjustments, and more.

In 2021, SBG Sports Software joined Catapult Sports, combining a powerful analysis platform for elite sports teams with Catapult Vector, our leading athlete monitoring solution. Together, these integrated solutions redefine the performance analysis landscape. 

The same powerful technology that drives Formula 1 is now disrupting the world of team sports – football (soccer), rugby, ice hockey, basketball, and many more – by capturing, creating, integrating, and sharing video linked to every dataset.

This blog explores how Catapult’s solutions empower teams with real-time video and data to make critical coaching decisions and player adjustments.

Adaptive In-Game Workflows

Focus, Catapult’s latest video capture solution, offers seamless multi-angle capture and effortless data collection. It enables teams to capture every performance aspect, using custom templates for seamless timeline creation. Coaches and athletes can access live video on any device to inform key decisions, all complemented by an intuitive UI with personalized viewing options formatted for a variety of applications.

A laptop displaying Catapult's Focus software during a football match, showcasing multi-angle video capture and real-time data integration for adaptive in-game workflows.
Adaptive in-game workflows with Catapult’s Focus solution for multi-angle capture and real-time data collection.

Fast Setup

Whether running a simple single-angle capture with a BlackMagic video encoder or elaborate multi-client setups recording a combination of IP feeds and different capture devices (SDI/HDMI), Focus supports a very flexible range of wired and wireless setups. It takes less than a minute to set up in a live environment, including workflows that involve multiple clients.

This significantly reduces gameday stress, allowing users to concentrate on their workflow and delivering actionable insights. 

Custom Views

All clients connected to a Focus live session interact with a shared timeline, enabling seamless, real-time live collaboration. The software offers flexibility in fine-tuning the experience to suit individual workflows by allowing users to toggle between customizable desktop and minimal UI modes, and utilize a range of powerful timeline filtering capabilities.

Optimized for Period Breaks 

Every device connected to a live session records video locally, maintaining access to the timeline and recorded footage even when disconnected from the network. This allows staff to unplug devices like iPads at halftime and take them to the changing room for player feedback. They can continue their work uninterrupted – analyze performance and make tactical adjustments even during breaks.

Integrate & View Data

MatchTracker, our football data analysis solution, which parallels RaceWatch to F1 teams, allows teams to ingest virtually unlimited eventing and tracking data and connect it to video. Analysts can create custom workbooks with various views and visualizations, shared and applied to other match packages. This functionality supports real-time analysis, pre-, and post-match workflows, expanding the scope of analysis across multiple matches or seasons with integrated datasets.

A laptop screen displaying Catapult's MatchTracker software during a football match, showcasing the integration of extensive eventing and tracking data with video for real-time analysis and visualization.
Integrate and view extensive data with Catapult’s MatchTracker for comprehensive football analysis.

In live scenarios, third-party data ingested into MatchTracker can be outputted directly to a Focus session, thus automatically populating the shared timeline with custom tags. This incredibly powerful workflow allows analysts to concentrate on tagging purely subjective aspects of play while technology takes care of the rest.

A desktop monitor showing Catapult's Pro Video software with detailed football match analysis, including event descriptions and video footage.
Leveraging Catapult Pro Video for detailed football match analysis and performance tracking on a desktop setup.

Leverage Presentations

The full power of the Presentations module can be leveraged during live sessions, allowing users to share telestrated clips between staff members or send halftime presentations directly to the changing room. This can be done over closed networks via Focus Server, or over the internet via Hub, Catapult’s cloud-based sharing and streaming platform. 

This means that:

  • Individual clips can be shared with individuals or groups even if there is no closed network infrastructure available (over the internet, e.g. LTE/5G).
  • Stakeholders not present at the game can get access to relevant video in seconds.
  • Full sessions with fine-tuned permissions can be shared with individuals or groups as soon as the live session ends, meaning that players and staff can have access to the full session video and data by the time they leave the changing room.

Cross Platform Enabled

Focus can be utilized on Mac, iPadOS, and Windows, giving users great freedom in designing their workflows. The full functionality of Focus is available on tablets such as Surface Pro or iPad; just attach a keyboard and switch the UI to a desktop-like experience allowing you to enter detailed notes or grade plays against multiple factors.

Want More Workflow Optimizations?

Catapult Pro Video is designed to deliver a comprehensive performance analysis solution for teams at every level of play. Ready to see the Pro Video Platform in action? Schedule a custom Pro Video demo to learn how your team can optimize your analysis workflows, uncover new insights, and much more.

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