Australian Netball Team using ClearSky to optimise athlete performance

The Australian National Netball team, the Diamonds, are using the ClearSky local positioning system to accurately track player movement for performance and tactical insights.

Having held their pre-Commonwealth Games training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), which is fully equipped with the latest generation of ClearSky technology, the Diamonds are informing their performance and substitution decision making through head coach Lisa Alexander.

“We’re really delighted that we can push the boundaries in innovation and in technology to be able to help us make decisions about the training environment and get more accurate measurement of what work the girls are actually doing out there,” Alexander said.

“It can certainly assist us with our tactical development because we can start to see the picture of when the workloads are high and when to change things up, change tactics, or do we need to make some substitutions.

“The ability to measure an indoor sport accurately is really difficult so this technology allows us to really get down to those fine motor skills and movements on the court much more accurately.”

The AIS has all four training courts equipped with ClearSky as a way to combat the indoor limitations of GPS and ensure all sports and teams are capturing the same depth of data and insights.

“The ClearSky system works on the same principles that you would see with GPS and the satellites out in space,” Tim Kelly, Performance Research Manager at the AIS, said.

“Obviously, indoors you can’t use satellites so we have to kind of replicate what the satellites do, and that means putting base stations around the indoor stadium.”

Catapult Business Development Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Mac Laudenbach, was on-hand to assist the Diamonds with their data collection and looks forward to ClearSky pushing the future of sports technology.

“Catapult is really excited to see where this new technology will go, and we think it might open up a lot of doors for tactical information and what kind of formations the team is playing in,” Young said. “How does it look when they’re in a man-on-man versus a zone defense, and what’s underpinning that? And just really answer some performance questions that will help coaches.”

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