5 New Pro Video Features You Need To Know

Learn about our latest Pro Video features that streamline your video analysis workflows with new automations, insights, and new ways to visualize performance. 

With our latest round of feature updates, Catapult’s Pro Video Platform continues to transform how teams execute performance analysis workflows. As a whole, the Pro Video Platform is designed to make traditional analysis workflows easier.

Now with these new features, teams can automate a variety of workflows to deliver accurate insights in less clicks & steps. In this blog, we’ll showcase the 5 latest features that meaningfully support performance analysis across every user.


MatchTracker’s ability to integrate athlete wearable data alongside video has transformed how teams understand player performance in context to video. Now, key workflows to import athlete data into MatchTracker are automated, reducing the overall analysis process by an astounding 95%.

Teams that integrate wearable data to video can now: 

  • Automate Match venue coordinates into MatchTracker 
  • Automatically Sync Wearable Data by periods in MatchTracker via OpenField
Matchtracker MT Advanced Analytics Product Webinar

Watch our latest webinar to learn more about our new automated features in MatchTracker.


Catapult Live is a new live tool that simplifies the delivery and viewing of livestream video and  data across multiple wireless devices. Originally developed for Basketball, Catapult Live allows teams, from various sports, to access and integrate live video feeds with event data in real time. Best of all, it’s extremely easy to use with a 3-step set up and wireless viewing across multiple devices. 

Catapult Live

Catapult Live is available for Basketball teams to trial. 


Catapult’s Presentation Tools have seen a variety of feature updates in the past year. Our aim is to design presentation tools to streamline the build & access presentation content to every user. 

Teams using Pro Video can access these tools across every product which are included as part of a subscription. 

In this latest release, our Presentation Tools now feature two exciting updates that make building and understanding performance even easier. 

New Player Telestrations: Players can now be moved or erased according to their pitch positions with a single click. Coaches and players have a new, unique view into individual player positioning. 

5 pro video features you need to know

Automated Pitch Perspective: Analysts can activate our new Pitch Perspective tool in presentations to enhance annotations. Now text & telestrations are positioned according to the pitch which makes cross-team communications clearer and easier. Best of all,  pitch perspectives are now automated for the sport of Football (Soccer). This means the field plane is now automatically set for every presentation build. 


Catapult Pro Video’s no-code solution gives teams the ability to create output windows without scripting. Now our calculation tool comes with new enhancements that allow custom data to be displayed. 

This new feature gives Analysts more control of how data is calculated and consumed by coaches in real time. Using the new feature, data windows can be created using custom data to provide an incredibly fast & accurate view of performance during matches & games.

Faster output calculations with Calc Wizard

Analysts can now assign unique ID to tags & labels when creating outputs using our Calculation tool. In addition to custom data, tag and label dropdowns can be selected and added into formulas which display outputs across every dataset. 


Providing Analysts with the ability to visualize large sets of performance data is a key component to Catapult Pro Video. In addition to our output data creation for live analysis, Analysts using MatchTracker are able to analyze performance data across a variety of views. The Pitch View, one of the more prominent visualization features, connects eventing and positional data in a 2D format. 

Using the Pitch View, Analysts can folder across every dataset to quickly drill down to specific insights. With the latest release of MatchTracker, there is now a new way to holistically understand sequences in this manner. 

New data visualisations with Pitch View

Sequence Segments in Pitch View

Teams can now display the breakdown of sequences using the pitch view in MatchTracker. This new feature allows Analysts to see the start and end of each play within our 2D pitch. This new way of visualizing segments provides deeper context to the breakdown of sequences across every player. 

Sequence breakdown in Pro Video, MatchTracker


Every new Pro Video product release comes with enhancements that are designed to save time for every user. The more intuitive each workflow becomes, means less clicks, steps and time to execute your performance analysis workflows. 

Now every Analyst, Sports Scientist, Coach, and Player can get more done in less time while understanding their performance at a deeper level. Catapult’s solutions are tested, validated, and loved by elite & collegiate teams across a variety of sports worldwide.

If you’re interested in learning how our solutions can help you & your team streamline your performance workflows or if you want to learn more about our latest features, we invite you to get in touch to schedule a demo with our team.

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