PAC 22 Recap: Everything you need to know about performance analysis for 2023

On November 29th, Catapult hosted its annual Performance Analytics Conference (PAC 22) in Kings Cross, London. The conference focused on the innovation surrounding performance analytics in sports with the aim to educate practitioners on today’s innovative technologies and leading workflows.

More than 50 performance practitioners attended from across Europe, including analysts from the Premier League, Bundesliga, world-renowned universities, and sports like Formula 1.

 Performance Analysis Conference in London

What do elite performance analysts do and how?

PAC 22 attendees walked away from the conference having a greater appreciation for the work best practice performance analysts do, the different methods they apply, and how they use data and video to impact individual and team performance.

See below for some of the insights that were captured at the conference.

If you were not able to attend the conference and want to understand more about the technology that fuels many of PAC 22 speakers’ performance analysis methods, click here to download this free brochure.

Best Practice Methods of Performance Analysis

During the conference, attendees got in-depth insights and expertise on performance analytics, sports wearables, team collaboration workflows, infrastructure, and more.

Performance Analytics Conference: PAC 22

How Premier League Analysts Provide Value to their Coaches

A Premier League analyst presented how practitioners can provide value to team coaches.

During this presentation, it was suggested that practitioners need to understand the skews of data and how to employ an effective narrative using video to back up the insights shared with coaches.

In an attempt to do so, analysts should learn more about the topic of confirmation bias. What is confirmation bias? It is the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. Confirmation bias is largely unintentional but impacts the value analysts can offer to coaches.

In order to provide the most value to coaches, analysts should use video to help explain their performance insights since it helps to provide further context. This echoes Chelsea FC’s sentiment that context is key when sharing insights with coaches. Click here to learn why context is key throughout the analysis process.

How Video Analysis Teletrations Improve Athlete Memory Recall by 30%

Shortly after the value-based presentation, an elite university researcher outlined how athlete memory recall improves by up to 30% through using video analysis technology.

This research-based presentation titled, ‘Assessing the efficacy of video telestration in aiding memory recall among elite professional football players’, provided evidence to solidify the importance of performance analysis across football.

As a result, it was then suggested that telestrations support wider performance analysis processes and are key to coaching processes as they facilitate player learning.

To discover what video analysis telestrations are and how to apply them to your analysis, click here. This blog demonstrates five ways in which to create a powerful presentation to improve athlete and team performance.

RaceWatch: How F1’s Race Strategy was Empowered by Technology

The last speaker at PAC 22 was a former F1 team Head of Strategy who presented two examples of how Catapult’s Formula 1 technology impacts race strategy and aids predictive analysis processes.

Presentation insights were both new and novel to many of the PAC 22 attendees, so it was met with countless inquisitive questions. Questions centred on how the two F1 strategy examples and use cases will soon be brought into their respective sports – mainly football and rugby.

To see how to understand how Formula 1 is redefining football’s use of technology, from the pit wall to the sidelines, click here.

Performance Analysis in 2023

A period of networking and open discussion between Catapult Product Leaders and attendees ended the conference.

Both staff and attendees watched the England vs Wales World Cup 2022 match together, alongside Catapult’s solution for performance analysis, MatchTracker, which pulled player and match data live. In doing so, attendees could analyse the performance in a much deeper fashion than the half- and full-time commentators could do. Interestingly, the data pulled live was about one minute ahead of the TV broadcast stream.

Matchtracker MT Advanced Analytics
Throughout the World Cup match, various conversations were had, with the topic of integrated data and video being commonplace. Catapult Senior Product Manager, Adam Chovan presented on the topic early in the day, and his presentation touched on how teams and their analysts can enhance the future of training design with data and video.

These conversations have been summarised here: Your Data + Video Questions Answered.

Performance Analytics Conference: PAC 23

Following the success of this conference, we look forward to being at the forefront of performance analysis in 2023. We are also looking to continue to annualise this conference bringing the next iteration – PAC 23 – to you soon.

But whilst the details of PAC 23 are fine-tuned, download this free brochure to learn more about the most comprehensive video analysis technology in 2023, Catapult Pro Video Platform, click here.

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