Inside Story | Luton Town’s Premier League Rise Using Vector & Pro Video

Luton Town FC is back in the Premier League, and it’s no secret that the competition is more intense, with matches played at a faster pace. As such, and during Luton Town’s top-flight preparations, the club decided to extend their use of Catapult’s performance and video analysis solutions.

In the Championship, the Hatters were using Catapult Vector to inform their performance decisions. Now, they have doubled down on Catapult by adding our Pro Video analysis suite – the new standard in performance analysis.

Inside Story: Luton Town FC’s Rise To The Premier League

To give you a firsthand look at how Luton Town FC leveraged Catapult’s solutions for their remarkable journey to the Premier League, we’ve released a special video feature, see below. Hear directly from the team’s Head of Performance, Jared Roberts-Smith; Lead Sports Scientist, Luke Sanders; and 1st Team Analyst and Coach, Andrew Findlay about their experiences and insights with Pro Video.

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Why did Luton Town Add the Pro Video Suite?

Luton Town’s decision to extend their Catapult partnership was spearheaded by Head of Performance Jared Roberts-Smith and recently appointed Analyst Coach Andy Findlay. Why did Luton Town extend the partnership?

Roberts-Smith commented: “In the fiercely competitive environment of the Premier League, we knew we had to up our game. Extending our partnership with Catapult empowers us with precise data and analytical insights that are critical in making informed decisions.”

“Catapult’s technology is unparalleled, and it’s a tool we trust to help us navigate the heightened intensity and pace of the Premier League.”

Both of Catapult’s solutions are used in training and games and were a mainstay in their Premier League pre-season preparations.

Luton Town’s Head of Performance, Jared Roberts-Smith

Establishing Luton Town As A Premier League Regular

Luton Town FC’s promotion to the Premier League created many off-the-pitch headlines. But what is going to provide Luton Town with the best chance of establishing themselves as a Premier League regular is what they do on the pitch and at the training ground.

The club’s decision to adopt more of Catapult’s solutions reinforces their commitment to achieving the top-tier performance needed to stay in the Premier League. It is hoped that by using these solutions, Robert-Smith can keep his players primed for the intensity of matches, and more effectively navigate the New Added Time Rule Change.

“Our aim this season is to cement our position in the Premier League, and to do that, we need every edge we can get. Catapult allows us to effectively keep our players at peak performance levels. It is also pivotal in helping us analyse our performance meticulously and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the Premier League,” said Roberts-Smith.

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"Catapult enables us to focus on what matters most – enhancing our performance on the pitch and achieving consistent results,” said Luton Town's Roberts-Smith.

Catapult’s Long History of Technological Developments

Catapult’s partnership with Luton Town serves as a testament to our invaluable solutions on offer. Click here to discover the technological advancements that have shaped Catapult into a vital tool for so many across the Premier League, EFL, and non-league.

“Catapult was a no-brainer for us. Their technology stands out not only for its accuracy but also its reliability and user-friendliness. In the fast-paced world of football, having a tool that can provide precise data swiftly and efficiently is invaluable. Catapult enables us to focus on what matters most – enhancing our performance on the pitch and achieving consistent results,” said Roberts-Smith.

In addition to Vector and Pro Video being vital tools for practitioners such as Roberts-Smith, Catapult also helps those navigate the ever-evolving world of football. From the impact of the new added-time rule of 2023 to the Five Subs Rule brought about last season, Catapult ensures that its solutions and insights resonate with these evolutions.

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