High Performance Practitioner Interview: Dr. Paul Catterson & Jamie Harley

Our latest High Performance Practitioner interview sees Chris Barnes visit Newcastle United for a discussion with Dr. Paul Catterson, the club’s Head of Sports Medicine, and Jamie Harley, Head of Sports Science.

Having worked at Newcastle for a combined 17 years, Paul and Jamie have a wealth of experience in elite football and have made significant contributions to the development of the club’s strong sports science and medicine department.

The interview with Paul and Jamie went into detail on a broad range of subjects, including:

  • How a modern sports science and medicine department functions (00:35)
  • How to handle the different approaches of different coaching teams over time (03:10)
  • Learning from different coaches and how they approach their roles (05:05)
  • Reviewing practice during times of coaching transition (06:25)
  • Being sympathetic to the needs of players with a wide range of experiences (10:13)
  • The decision-making process within a department (12:13)
  • Using data in line with expertise for maximum effect (17:00)
  • The benefit of independent research projects within a club (18:05)
  • The importance of player engagement and ensuring they understand the ‘why’ of what they are being asked to do (25:30)
  • Using external specialists to support medium/long-term projects (26:43)
  • Challenges sports science and medicine is facing in the future (30:45)

You can watch previous HPP interviews on the Catapult YouTube channel.

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