Creating a Healthy Experience for the Elite Youth Player: Dr. Ben Rosenblatt

Back in July, Catapult hosted a performance workshop in Essen featuring talks from elite sports science practitioners. One of the presentations was delivered by Dr. Ben Rosenblatt, Lead Men’s Physical Performance Coach at The FA.

Entitled An International Perspective: Creating a Healthy Experience for the Elite Youth Player, Ben’s presentation provided an insight in to the FA’s work managing training programmes for age-group international squads.

Some of the topics Ben spoke about included:

  • How the FA structures the training programmes of international players despite limited time with the squads and different individual experiences (01:30)
  • The approach the FA takes to ensure that players have a healthy experience within an international training environment (05:20)
  • How the FA manage their physical data and what they have discovered from the information they have collected around physical profiling (07:10)
  • What the FA plans to look at next as part of their work on the volume, density and intensity of training (12:30)
  • How the FA is looking to improve the way it sets short, medium and long-term physical objectives for international players during training camps (15:10)

You can find more elite practitioner presentations from our events on the Catapult YouTube channel.

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