Generating ROI on Athlete Monitoring Technology: Fan Engagement

Our latest ebook, Generating ROI on Athlete Monitoring Technology, examines the way monitoring systems can add value to clubs beyond pure on-field performance.

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Although the primary motivations for investing in athlete monitoring systems have always been to quantify and optimise the performance of elite athletes, the technology has value that extends far beyond those fundamental purposes.

When your club is weighing up whether or not to invest in a new product or service, one of the key questions will often be how the organisation might generate return on investment in both pure performance terms and also across other areas of the business.

In a digital world, sports teams are expected to connect with their fans across multiple platforms and continually find new ways to deliver engaging content to their supporters.

Huge numbers of clubs have already risen to this challenge and are constantly innovating to drive new conversations and fan experiences. As these initiatives have developed, performance data has emerged as a popular way to keep fans engaged online. Despite initially using athlete monitoring technologies for purely performance-related purposes, a growing number of clubs are now finding the data to be a useful tool as they strive to connect fans with their brand.

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