Catapult Launches Advanced Integrated Heart Rate Solution for their Vector Athlete Monitoring System

Delivers best-in-class heart rate data accuracy and reliability, without the need for a secondary heart rate device.

Boston, MA USA, Nov. 10, 2023 – Catapult, the global performance technology leader in elite sports, today announced the launch of the next generation of integrated heart rate technology for their Vector athlete monitoring system. The Elite Vest 2.3, combined with an advanced heart rate algorithm, delivers best-in-class heart rate data accuracy and reliability, without the need for a secondary heart rate device.

The Elite Vest 2.3 has been designed for enhanced fit, data capture accuracy, and athlete comfort. The vest features a new silicon inlaid chest band to reduce movement of the heart rate sensors during high intensity movement.  To optimize heart rate data capture accuracy, sensors are embedded in the front of the garment with the electrocardiography (ECG) heart rate signal channeled through conductive polymer in the vest, connecting directly to the Vector hardware device.

In addition to the design enhancements of the vest, Catapult has developed an advanced heart rate algorithm which smooths data spikes and delivers precise and consistent heart rate data during high intensity movements.  The Elite Vest 2.3 and new heart rate algorithm have been tested extensively with elite customers, and the heart rate data accuracy has been validated against other major heart rate data providers.

“Our customers expect accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions for the performance and health of their athletes,” said Catapult CEO Will Lopes. “This latest innovation delivers on our promise to continue to innovate on behalf of our customers, so that they can make better, more informed decisions with precise and reliable heart rate data without the need for a secondary heart rate device.”

The Elite Vest 2.3 will launch in the APAC region first, followed by the rest of the world in early 2024.  The new heart rate algorithm is compatible with all Vector devices, and is available to all Catapult Vector customers now to provide enhanced heart rate data accuracy.

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