How Catapult is helping professional baseball tackle the $423m injury epidemic

Thanks to Catapult’s enhanced baseball analytics suite, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and other world-leading baseball teams are a step closer to preventing the epidemic of injuries that cost professional teams $423 million per year.

Launched by Catapult in November 2021, the baseball-specific analytics suite offers improved data accuracy and injury prevention features.

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Integral to the development of the enhanced analytics suite was Catapult Customer Success Specialist Ed Liggett. Throughout development, testing, and rollout to existing customers, Liggett spent countless hours with 36 MLB and NCAA athletes, assessing more than 800 baseball-specific events to ensure the analytics worked to resolve the challenges coaches, analysts and athletes face on a daily basis.

Among the metrics provided for each event tracked in Baseball Analytics are:

  • Throw, pitch, and swing count
  • Max Rotation by throw, pitch, and swing
  • Max PlayerLoad by throw, pitch, and swing
  • Sum of Max PlayerLoad per all events of that type


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Webinar: How data empowers load monitoring in baseball

As part of the rollout process, Liggett recorded a presentation of the new analytics, detailing what metrics coaches can now identify, how to individualize training and programming through movement profiling, best support return-to-play practices, and gather data live, in real-time.

The presentation examines how the new insights from the baseball-specific analytics suite impact teams’ and coaches’ performance workflows, performance strategies, and athletic programming. View the presentation below:

Entitled ‘How Data Empowers Load Monitoring in Baseball’, Liggett’s presentation went through the application and benefits of the new analytics suite for baseball coaches, analysts, and athletes:

  • [09:38] Event identification 
  • [11:08] Individual profiling
  • [16:39] Return-to-play
  • [19:02] Live data and feedback


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