Catapult Enhances Baseball Analytics Suite with Improved Accuracy and Injury Prevention Features

The battle to prevent costly baseball injuries is a step closer to being won after the release of Catapult’s new Baseball-Specific Analytics Suite.

The enhanced suite — powered by a new algorithm to discern Swing, Pitch, and Throw actions specific to baseball players’ motions — is specific to the sport of baseball and helps coaches mitigate injury risks and simplify key performance workflows.

Catapult is the only solution capable of accurately capturing swings, pitches, and throws alongside running demands in a single device. The new baseball suite was developed in conjunction with 36 professional and collegiate baseball players, and with baseball injuries costing professional teams $423 million each year, is designed to minimize costly spells on the sideline.

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Baseball-Specific Analytics

The innovation saves coaches and teams time when making critical decisions about athlete performance, and unifies reporting into one platform to maximize the chances of keeping players healthy. 

It does so by discerning between a range of fine movements, including deciphering between general throwing and pitching, to give coaches an accurate view of player performance and empower them to customize training and rehabilitation plans.

Among the metrics provided for each event tracked in Baseball Analytics are:

  • Throw, pitch and swing count
  • Max Rotation by throw, pitch, and swing
  • Max PlayerLoad by throw, pitch, and swing
  • Sum of Max PlayerLoad per all events of that type

Vector, the world’s smallest global navigation satellite system (GNSS)/local positioning system (LPS) device, delivers live algorithms, communications, and enhanced performance insights and functionality to coaches and athletes. The inertial sensors inside are capable of delivering detailed baseball-specific analytics that go beyond video tracking and ball mechanics to accurately measure the physical demands of the sport.

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Injury prevention

The enhanced view ultimately helps clubs avoid costly injuries that could sideline players. This is especially important since MLB athlete injuries cost teams millions of dollars each season.

“Professional baseball teams have come to expect injuries to be a part of their seasons, to the tune of approximately $423 million each year, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Catapult CEO Will Lopes.

“We’ve built a solution that can accurately capture all the unique movements and running patterns of baseball players and show those insights to coaches all in one place, so they can optimize athlete performance and avoid costly injuries.”

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See examples of Baseball-specific movements – throwing, pitching, and batting – in the below video:

MLB x Catapult

Catapult has been providing performance analytics to professional baseball teams since 2015. The enhanced Baseball Suite was developed in collaboration with 36 Major League Baseball (MLB) and NCAA athletes and across more than 800 baseball-specific events.

“Through working with some of the best baseball teams in the MLB, NCAA, and around the world, we’ve gathered an acute sense of the challenges baseball teams face. Tracking is commonplace in the sport but holistic athlete workload monitoring is not,” said Catapult Customer Success Specialist, Ed Liggett.

“Now, with the release of the new Baseball-Specific Analytics Suite, our teams can deviate throws from pitches, gather insights live in-practice, and lead an individualized approach to improve performance. I’m proud to have worked on this solution and that we can provide another baseball-specific innovation to our teams.”

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