Anniversary Games London x SBG a Catapult Company

Anniversary Games London x SBG a Catapult Company


Focus was used to capture all the angles from the Outside Broadcast truck as well as specially mounted referee cameras for various events to aid the evaluation and detection of infringements such as lane violations.

This enabled the team of field judges assisted by judges in the video review room to make quick and more accurate decisions. All video was then archived, and reports and clips were automatically generated.

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More recently …  Catapult Celebrated 24 medals at Tokyo 2020

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tokyo 2020 was an outstanding success for many coaches, teams, and athletes from all corners of the world. Catapult joined in with this success and celebrated with our customers who won 24 medals at the Olympic Games.

Spanning a variety of sports, including rugby, football, and rowing, Catapult athletes outperformed 74 countries, earning eight gold, five silver, and eight bronze medals. If Catapult were a country, we would place 11th in the overall medal table among the 86 competing nations.

This impressive feat begs the question, what is athlete monitoring technology and how does it support athletes, providing a competitive advantage?

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