How Vector T7 is Redefining NCAA Women’s Volleyball

Sport performance analytics are becoming increasingly influential in shaping the future of athletic competition and training.

As a leader in this revolution, Catapult Sports is transforming women’s volleyball through many partnerships with several top-tier American collegiate teams – Nebraska, Pitt, Maryland, Rutgers, and Purdue.

Central to these partnerships is Catapult’s latest athlete monitoring device – the Vector T7. This innovation delivers live jump metrics and other crucial data in real-time, providing unprecedented insights to improve team performance.

University of Maryland Athletics - Women's Volleyball; Maryland Terrapins

New Era of Performance Improvement in NCAA Volleyball

The collaboration between Catapult and these premier teams signifies a shared commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance athletic performance. This shared dedication marks an exciting evolution in NCAA women’s volleyball.

Greg Piteo, the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Maryland Women’s Volleyball team, highlights the value of the new T7 device, stating, “We have found the T7 device to be very advantageous in monitoring the daily and weekly workloads for our team. It allows us to see more detailed metrics, giving us a better understanding of the game’s demands and allowing us to make more informed decisions regarding practice planning and return to play.”

These sentiments are echoed similarly by Jason Pullara, Director of Strength & Conditioning at Purdue.

“The implementation of Catapult offers a comprehensive solution for coaches and staff to gain deeper insights into individual and team dynamics. This platform’s capacity to delve into the intricacies of Purdue Volleyball’s current training methods and its potential to enhance future training endeavors serves as a fundamental basis for integrating Catapult within the program.”

Purdue University Boilermakers Volleyball

Spotlight on Catapult’s Vector T7: Unleashing Potential

Pullara further emphasized the value of the Vector T7, noting its capacity to offer invaluable metrics in real-time.

He said, “The acquisition of the T7 technology has equipped the program with a powerful tool… Particularly exciting is the capability to access these metrics in real-time, enabling the coaching staff to thoroughly prepare and optimize the performance of student-athletes on the court.”

Moreover, he highlighted how Vector T7 enables a more personalized approach to training. “By harnessing the extensive data and metrics supplied by Catapult, coaches and staff can adeptly tailor and structure the season and off-season … The primary focus of metrics for Purdue Volleyball will revolve around two key aspects: Player Load and Jumps.”

Purdue Boilermakers women's volleyball

Vector T7 Feature Set:

  1. 73% smaller than its predecessor allowing for a waist mount and more flexibility to help improve athlete compliance.
  2. New specific analytics to help coaches get a detailed picture of the demands being placed on athletes.
  3. Optimized tracking to offer best-in-class athlete monitoring accuracy.
  4. Improved portability with a 50% smaller carry dock that includes a self-contained tray, ignition mode, and onboard battery for portable charging.

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“Coaching is both an art and a science. As a leader in the industry, Catapult helps us with our performance and manages our load. We’re happy to partner with them.”

Pitt Panthers Head Coach, Dan Fisher
Pitt Panthers VB

Stephanie Mock, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance, Pitt Panthers:

“Our model here at Pitt is one of holistic student-athlete development, and the new T7 units directly support that objective … The objective information we are able to collect in training sessions guides and supports conversations happening amongst our sports performance team.”

“Sports science, athletic training, and strength and conditioning utilize this information to not only support our head coach but also to influence our student-athlete’s health and wellness. Data drives conversations and conversations drive decisions, and these insights are powerful tools to support training, practice, and return to play scenarios.” 

Enhancing Women’s Volleyball Performance with Catapult

Catapult’s Vector T7 is an indispensable tool in the modern coach’s arsenal. Pullara underlined the significant role it plays in shaping Purdue’s training approach. “These metrics collectively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the competitive season’s periodization… they provide invaluable insights to the coaches and staff concerning the unique demands associated with each position, facilitating the development of more refined player profiles.”

Catapult’s commitment to sport extends beyond improving performance. The technology also aids in mitigating the risk of injury – a holistic approach that reflects the company’s dedication to the sport.

The collaboration with elite NCAA has propelled women’s volleyball into a new era of data-driven growth. Catapult’s technology offers an exciting path to new levels of team performance and athletic excellence.

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White Paper: Validation of Vector T7

The Vector T7 White Paper, presented on Catapult’s blog, delves into the advanced capabilities of the Vector T7 in tracking athletes’ movements, particularly in indoor settings. It introduces the device’s innovative Time Difference of Arrival protocol, which ensures lower power consumption while maintaining accuracy.

The paper further discusses the comprehensive validation process of the Vector T7 against the Vicon motion capture system, underlining its reliability for sports professionals. Explore the full Vector T7 White Paper details.

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