Researchers are from Mars, Practitioners are from Venus: Professor Ben Jones, Leeds Beckett University/RFL

Professor Ben Jones, Research & Innovation Manager at the Rugby Football League and a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology at Leeds Beckett University, recently presented at Catapult’s research and innovation workshop at St. George’s Park.

Examining the relationship between research and practice, Ben looked at how researchers can develop models that add value when applied in elite sport. Talking about the challenges that have contributed to a gap of understanding between academics and coaches, Ben’s presentation focused on how researchers can convince sports science practitioners of the value of research.

Emphasising the need for clear communication and actionable insights, Ben set out a roadmap for getting key stakeholders to buy in to the research process as a whole, rather than just its outcomes.

You can find more elite practitioner insights – including our interview with Professor Ben Jones about his work with the RFL – over on the Catapult YouTube channel.

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