Matt Spencer presents ClearSky validation study

At Catapult’s recent ClearSky workshop at St George’s Park, Matt Spencer, Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, presented the validation work he has done using the ClearSky system.

Having used ClearSky to capture positional and inertial data for handball and football, Matt explained some of the key benefits of the system and talked about the validation studies that he has led at indoor facilities in Oslo.

Offering an insight into the accuracy and reliability of the system, Matt’s presentation provided an overview of his work, including:

  • The background to his research in Handball (00:00)
  • ClearSky calibration (02:50)
  • The results of his ClearSky validation study (06:46)
  • Applications for inertial sensor data (17:10)
  • Summary (23:50)

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