Catapult hosts ClearSky workshop at St George’s Park

Catapult recently hosted the first of its ClearSky workshops at the national football centre at St George’s Park.

Featuring a practical demonstration of the ClearSky T6 technology and presentations by elite practitioners, the event was attended by sports scientists and performance managers from leading sports teams and federations around Europe.

The truest view of athlete movement available, ClearSky T6 recreates a satellite infrastructure in a local environment to enhance positional accuracy wherever you train or play. The future of athlete monitoring, ClearSky T6 combines positional, inertial and event data to close the loop on performance and tactical analysis.

Following the installation of ClearSky anchors around the indoor pitch at St George’s Park, players from Lichfield City Academy were equipped with T6 sensors to provide real-time positional data as they went through a series of drills that highlighted the precision of the system.

The practical demonstration was followed by short talks from Chris Barnes and John Coulson from Catapult, with the keynote presentation being delivered by Matt Spencer, Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. The session was rounded off with a Q&A with Ryan Chambers, Sports Scientist at the Welsh Rugby Union. 

Demonstrating the technical versatility of ClearSky T6 and the value it brings to coaching and sports science, the workshop was the first of its kind and will be followed by a series of similar events for Catapult clients in the coming months.

Find out more about the ClearSky system here. To express your interest in attending future ClearSky workshops, get in touch.

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