Eastern Kentucky University

Located in Richmond, Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University is home to an NCAA Division 1 program competing in the Ohio Valley Conference. EKU’s women’s basketball team uses Catapult Vision video analysis platform to evaluate performances across practices and games.

Leading the charge for the Colonels’ use of Vision is assistant coach, Jackie Alexander. She specifically uses Vision to analyze player and team performances with the intention of improving tactical decision-making and athlete feedback.

Tagging simplicity

“The simplicity of this software is what makes it so useful,” Alexander said. “When I first began to use the software, I thought, “no way tagging can be this simple,” but it really is.”

“Creating tags and using them is easier with Vision than any other software I have used during my coaching career. After only a few practice runs, I can breeze through tagging a full game so that our players have edits to view as quickly as possible.”

It is that simplicity that drew Alexander in, and is the reason she has been able to obtain buy-in so quickly and concisely with the rest of her team.

“Populating the clips and being able to go back in and edit tags are way easier than doing it in [other video products] in my opinion. I wasn’t convinced at first, but once I educated myself on the ins and outs of Catapult Vision (which was a quick process), the software won me over.”

Switching to Catapult Vision

When deciding to start using Catapult Vision and move on from legacy video analysis products, Eastern Kentucky women’s basketball was drawn in with the price.

“Our biggest reason for switching over was the budget. We needed a software that we could afford for six staff members.”

“We want all of our coaching staff and support personnel to have access to a software where they can create edits for our players/help make our program better. Catapult worked with us and gave us a package that no other competitor could beat. Not to mention that the software is first class. It was really a no brainer to make the switch.”

The speed of organizing and exporting clips

When asked what has most impressed her about using Catapult Vision, Alexander said “tagging, organizing and exporting your clips happens so quickly.

“The simplicity of the software has been easy for everyone on our staff to learn. The mobile app is great for our players as they have access to the presentations our coaching staff creates immediately.”

“I think at first, everyone is hesitant to learn something new. But once we did – over the course of tagging a few games – our staff loved the software. Not only are you getting a great software, but the customer support is top notch as well. Lauren [Greif] was always available within a few minutes to answer any questions, not to mention, she was always willing to schedule extra training with our staff.”

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