Catapult closes performance and health loop with release of dedicated wellness and athlete feedback solution

Catapult is pleased to announce the release of Catapult Form, a dedicated athlete feedback and wellness management software solution which provides coaches an end-to-end view of an athlete’s performance to ensure psychological and physical performance are always aligned.

Already the most-used SaaS technology in elite sport to capture objective on-field performance information, Catapult now provides seamless integration with subjective off-field information directly from athletes. Catapult Form is the only dedicated wellness management solution for efficiently and intuitively capturing athlete feedback in elite team sport.


This is particularly important and timely as today’s COVID-19 environment forces many teams to track specific symptoms, possible contacts, and emotional state on a daily basis.

Catapult Form signifies the next evolution of the Company’s athlete management SaaS system and will be accessible as a new feature-set within Catapult AMS, which has helped centralise technical, physical, medical, and wellness data in one platform. Teams have been using the vast features offered by the AMS software to align staff and increase transparency, but its core value continuously comes back to capturing athlete feedback and wellness management, which Catapult Form is laser-focused on.

Simple and Efficient Process

Sports organisations have a need to frequently collect data from and about athletes for a variety of purposes. The timing of this data capture, as well as the dissemination of the information, is paramount to the process, so creating a SaaS workflow that is simple and efficient for the athletes and coaches is critical.

In addition to standard wellness monitoring, athletes are now required to respond to COVID-19-related questions daily to mitigate the spread of the virus within an organisation. Catapult Form has dedicated COVID-19 wellness surveys, providing safety for athletes, coaches, and support staff before even entering team facilities.

Catapult’s Senior Vice President of Product, Yana Bulva, is pleased with the focus and speed of innovation the team has shown in delivering a SaaS solution that embodies customer obsession during a difficult time.

“The current COVID situation has driven sports teams across the globe to seek solutions for collecting better quality athlete data to protect health and safety,” Bulva said. “We are excited to continue the evolution of our SaaS performance and health solutions for customers, offering teams the unique opportunity to combine our wearable data with subjective data collected via Catapult Form. This enables a custom plan for athletes that understands where they are physically and mentally, at any point in time.”

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