AMS by Catapult introduces medical reporting to improve planning and decision-making

AMS by Catapult, recently named the Best Technology for Athlete Welfare at the Sports Technology Awards, has just introduced a medical reporting feature, allowing you to find injury, illness, and other available medical data points to report on.

Staff with the ability to access injury or illness records can quickly source medical statistics for an individual, group, or squad to aid decision making around athlete welfare.

AMS by Catapult’s medical reporting provides a snapshot for sports medicine practitioners to review an athlete or group with one click and create a printed report where necessary. This feature also enables you to:

  • Forecast and plan future training sessions based on injury and illness statistics, as well as physical and mental attributes
  • Review week-by-week injury analysis
  • Assess the effectiveness of a planned training block in terms of injury rates

Coaches often require feedback about their athletes at short notice. The medical reporting available in AMS complements existing athlete profiling (including individual medical records and treatment history) to help ensure that training and match day decisions are made with the best available information regarding an athlete’s physical and mental health.

AMS by Catapult General Manager, Anton Jovanovic, says Medical Reporting will be a vital component of the athlete management system.

“Medical Reporting makes the information that teams already hold in AMS by Catapult even more valuable. It means they can look at injury occurrence rates and gain greater insight into each athlete on the team. In a real sense, its fundamental to how teams mitigate risk of injury and quantify return to play.”

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