Integrating wearable performance data into AMS by Catapult

An exclusive feature of AMS by Catapult is the introduction of an API integration from Catapult’s OpenField and GPSports’ EVO cloud platforms to the athlete management system.

This allows you to view and manage all your performance data alongside your team’s wellness and injury information, providing elite sport’s first all-encompassing monitoring platform using Catapult data.

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, which allows two applications to talk to each other.

You use APIs every day on your phone and computer, but the reason Catapult hasn’t had an API integration with an athlete management system is due to the depth of data captured by Catapult’s wearable devices and the difficulty middleware companies have ingesting large amounts of data.

However, since acquiring AMS by Catapult, we have bridged the gap between performance data capture and all-encompassing data analysis, allowing you to:

  • Automatically connect your OpenField or EVO cloud account with AMS by Catapult
  • View performance data within the dashboard, reporting, alerting, training session, athlete profile, and data analysis modules within the AMS
  • Import session data down to the period level, allowing you to report on information from individual periods or drills
  • Import all of your user-defined custom parameters that you’ve already created in your OpenField or EVO cloud account

Why it Matters

1. One platform where everything lives

Store your wearable performance data alongside wellness and injury information, your drill database, your communication channel to your athletes, and your calendar. It’s all there, in an intuitive and secure platform.

2. Performance management automation

Streamline your workflow and save a couple hours every week by eliminating human error and the need for manual .csv imports. Create simple and informative reports for your coaches within minutes post-session.

3. A true Catapult integration

An exclusive API integration between OpenField/EVO and AMS by Catapult means that you can overlay subjective and peripheral data points onto your wearable performance data to add greater context to every session.

Interested in finding out how AMS by Catapult can benefit your organisation? Discover more about the platform here.

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