5 New Features to Create Powerful Presentations

In June of 2022, Catapult launched a new suite of presentation tools that redefine how teams capture and share performance. *Now we’re in 2024, we’ve released a new set of presentation features to save users time. Check them out here – Quick Track, Tactics Board, and Annotation Presets.

Presentations can be created and shared without switching between different software and come as standard within Catapult’s video analysis platform.

Each annotation within our new presentation tool set brings a new level of clarity to every aspect of play. Video coordinators and analysts can create presentations efficiently using simple drag and drop functionality. Once added, player movements are trackable, bringing clear context to each performance insight.

Here are the most adopted annotations that impact your post game analysis.

1. Add a Stopwatch for timing context

stopwatch presentations

Breaking down the creation or result of play is a crucial component to post-game analysis. Now, with our new tool set, teams can add a stopwatch to bring context to these moments.

This annotation can be adjusted to define the exact moment in context to each play. Example workflow: Set timing parameters, pause during key moments, and customize colors for each clip.

2. Track movements for complete clarity

player tracking annotations with key framing

Add a new layer of context to your post-game analysis with tracked annotations. Every annotation within our presentation features can be tracked using key framing.

Simply add your annotation, keyframe to track each movement, and layer additional elements including custom colors, text, and more.

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3. Define Player Spacing with Polygons

Understand performance of each formation using polygons to highlight spacing and identify the key moments in each play.

Polygons, like other annotations, can be customized by adding or deleting points, color, and can be key-framed to track with each play.

4. Highlight performance with Line-of-sight

Line of sight presentation example

See above, highlighting player sight during key game moments brings added context to performance across every play.

Use the line-of-sight annotation to apply context to in-game decision making, outcomes and more. track sight movements across the entire play to answer performance questions and more.

5. Clean up annotations with Masking

Presentation Masking

Use masking to position annotations such as player icons behind the highlighted player. This will create a clean look to every presentation. In just two steps, your insights are transformed into masterful presentations. Simply click the masking button in the toolbar and highlight the areas of the field or court which should be masked.

One Platform, Every Solution

The featured presentation tools are a part of Catapult’s comprehensive video analysis suite of products. Our platform provides elite teams the ability to capture, analyze, present, and share every aspect of performance.

  • Capture every moment live through multiple video angles and datasets.
  • Sync every dataset to video including your athletes performance metrics.
  • Analyze live and share content across any device or operating system from any location.

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