Revolutionizing Ice Hockey Video Analysis: Thunder Hockey’s Network Capture & Toronto Marlies

In the fast-paced world of professional ice hockey, coaching strategies are increasingly relying on advanced video analysis tools. One such cutting-edge technology is Thunder Hockey’s Network Capture, which has significantly transformed the coaching and game analysis processes for the Toronto Marlies, a distinguished team in the American Hockey League.

Thunder Hockey’s Network Capture

Thunder Hockey stands at the forefront of video analysis technology, providing teams like the Toronto Marlies with robust tools essential for maintaining competitive advantage. The integration of Network Capture into the Marlies’ operations has streamlined their video analysis, enhancing both strategic planning and real-time decision-making.

A hockey coach intently watches the ice from the bench during a live game, wearing team apparel.
Troy Paquette, closely monitoring the game, ready to make real-time strategic decisions using insights from Thunder Hockey’s Network Capture.

The Impact of Network Capture on the Toronto Marlies

Troy Paquette, the Video Coach for the Toronto Marlies, emphasizes the transformative effect of Thunder Hockey on their organizational efficiency and team coordination. 

“Organization within a staff and team is imperative to success. Especially when it comes to organizing our Documents and Video. Thunder provides our staff with the perfect platform to keep all of our video in a clean and organized platform. Allowing for easy access to search, save and share video within our entire organization,” Paquette explains.

This system has been instrumental in enhancing the Marlies’ workflow, providing seamless access to critical game footage and analytics.

A focused hockey coach analyzing live game footage on a laptop at the rink.
Intense focus on enhancing team performance with Thunder Hockey’s detailed analytics during a critical match.

Workflow Enhancements with Thunder Hockey

Discussing specific improvements, Paquette highlights, “Two enhancements in Thunder Hockey I’ve found extremely beneficial are the addition of Network Capture & Sportlogiq integrated file import. Both have saved me ample time this season in particular.” 

These enhancements have not only simplified the video analysis process but also enriched the quality of data and insights available to the coaching staff.

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A male professional analyzing hockey video data on multiple screens with a large logo of Thunder Hockey displayed prominently.
Thunder Hockey’s advanced video analysis tools in action at the Toronto Marlies facilities.

Integrating Network Capture into Daily Workflows

Detailing the integration of network capture, Paquette shares, “As far as workflows, network capture has been a valuable enhancement in that area.I have been able to capture multiple angles on a single laptop not only for games but for practice as well.” 

This functionality has markedly increased the efficiency and speed of data capture, crucial during live games and high-intensity practice sessions.

This reliability and versatility of the network capture feature ensure smooth operation, particularly in critical moments. 

“At any point, I can capture on all of our coaching laptops, every single one is set up to capture allowing me the flexibility to work on multiple computers while not having to allocate a computer just for capturing,” Paquette recalls.

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Collaboration with Catapult and Continuous Support

The collaboration with the Catapult team has been a cornerstone of the success of Thunder Hockey for the Marlies. 

“The Catapult team has been amazing over my time with the Marlies. The speed at which the support team not only answers questions but can problem-solve them has been a real lifesaver,” praises Paquette. The proactive support and responsiveness of the Catapult team have been essential in optimizing the platform’s functionality to meet the Marlies’ specific needs.

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The Future of Thunder Hockey

Looking ahead, Paquette is optimistic about the ongoing enhancements and potential of Thunder Hockey to meet the evolving demands of top-tier hockey teams. With the recent introduction of Thunder Hockey’s Next-Gen Hub, the platform is now equipped with advanced presentation & sharing features that enhance both teaching and strategic planning.

“I’ve already seen a major improvement with the addition of Hub for presentation value. The ability to highlight and detail certain areas within clips has been a welcome upgrade over the current teaching points within Thunder,” he states. 

As Thunder Hockey continues to evolve, its impact on the coaching landscape remains profound, ensuring that teams like the Toronto Marlies stay at the cutting edge of sports technology and strategy development.


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