Sweden using AMS by Catapult in preparation for World Cup

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches, the Swedish National Team are busy making their final preparations before their opening game against South Korea in Nizhny Novgorod on 18th June.

As a long-term Catapult client, the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) recognises the importance of athlete monitoring technologies in optimising the performance of their players, mitigating injury risk, and informing crucial return to play processes. Having used Catapult’s wearable devices for a number of years, the SvFF have also recently adopted our AMS by Catapult system to manage athlete information and derive additional insights into conditioning and wellness ahead of this summer’s World Cup.

“The Swedish FA have worked with Catapult for several years now, predominantly using their wearable devices to help optimise performance and mitigate injury risk,” said Dale Reese, Medical and Performance Coordinator for the Swedish National Team. “In addition, we’ve recently begun to use their AMS system to streamline a number of key athlete monitoring processes.”

Helping users to centralise their data sources and improve the communication of performance information, AMS by Catapult enables organisations to meet a wide range of athlete, medical and administrative requirements. Tested and proven at the highest levels of sport, the system improves efficiency across departments and delivers immediate insights that support objective performance decisions.

“One of the challenges involved with running a sports science department is managing the different data sources we use to keep track of the physical condition of our players,” said Reese. “AMS by Catapult will make our life easier in that regard by providing a valuable overview of that data, as well as being a repository for additional measures – both objective and subjective – that can enhance our performance and training decisions.”

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