AMS by Catapult increases security, streamlines wellness reporting, and innovates group management

AMS by Catapult is a performance automation platform that helps athletes and coaches mitigate injury risk, quantify readiness for competition, and map return to play.

In order to improve the efficiency of its athlete and team management capabilities, a host of new features have been introduced to the platform.

Assigning staff to groups

An overhaul of the way users are assigned to groups now gives staff the ability to only view and filter data in accordance with assigned groups.

This feature is designed to help large clubs with several squads, organisations with multiple departments, and teams with visiting medical staff or interns who should only have limited access to the platform for the sake of data confidentiality.

The feature is an optional add-on and provides you with the ability to assign a user to a group or multiple groups, or leave them unassigned.

Wellness management

Learning about an injured or sick player as early as possible allows you to be proactive in their care and rehabilitation. AMS by Catapult now offers your team two additional wellness metrics: “Are you injured?” and “Do you feel unwell?”

If enabled, when an athlete selects ‘Yes’, they will be prompted to add details. Athletes who have an injury or illness concern will be flagged in your Availability Dashboard, allowing you to take further action where appropriate.

Additionally, automatic reminders can be sent as push notifications to any athlete using the AMS by Catapult app to ensure they complete their wellness questionnaires. Whether you schedule in advance or send a manual trigger, you have the ability to remind your entire team, selected groups, or individuals at the click of a button.


Calendar functionality

New calendar features have been introduced to allow push notifications to mobile when inviting staff and players to a calendar event, making the coordination of a meeting or training simple and easy to implement across an organisation.

Additionally, you can now copy and paste events to one or multiple dates in bulk, whether for a single training week or whole season.


AMS by Catapult is now available in nine languages, in addition to English: Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.

The ease which you can change between languages makes the platform easily adaptable for non-English speaking staff and players, so everyone is on the same page regardless of department or language.

Increased mobile security

We take your data security extremely seriously, demonstrated by the introduction of several new security features in AMS by Catapult, including a mobile passcode.

Team administrators can choose whether to enable a passcode for the team, depending on team policy, providing the ability to add an extra layer of security to your team and player data.

Visit the AMS by Catapult website for more information, or email with any questions.

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