NBA big goes big on technology

Marc Gasol, former NBA champion and founder of Bàsquet Girona, knows about winning and has jumped into business with Catapult Sports and its innovative new approach to wearable monitoring solutions. 

Catapult’s technology helps teams analyze on-court performance and also plays a critical role in helping athletes avoid injury and recover more efficiently.

“The sensations of Catapult’s technology are very good for me,” one of the Basquet Girona’s athletes said. “We started gently and we have been increasing every day a little more, and Catapult has helped us remain healthy and ready to perform our best.”

Following Gasol 13 years in the NBA, he returned to his home country Spain and purchased Basquet Girona, a development team in Spain’s Liga ACB. He has since brought an NBA-style culture to the locker-room along with opening up these athletes to technology and data analytics.

Basquet Girona’s Coach Arnau Sacot, an eager supporter of Catapult’s innovation, said — “Being able to access the data helps us a lot when planning for future practice and games, which results in a greater sense of avoiding injury and excessive fatigue.”

Covid-19 paused the team’s games and practices sessions during a lockdown period; however,  Catapult has been working with Basquet Girona to develop data-driven strategies to allow their players to recover from injury, and stay ready for competition both physically and mentally, maintaining their basketball IQ.

 As an owner, Gasol tells his players that “each game must be approached as your final and the commitment of the players must be the maximum at all times.”

Knowing what hangs in the balance is another reason why the NBA legend has shifted his team’s focus to play smart and use technology as a way to stay healthy, avoid injury, and optimize performance.

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