Catapult launches VISION to optimise video analysis workflows

Today we’re proud to launch Catapult VISION, our next-generation video analysis platform.

Over the past year we’ve taken time to listen to coaches and analysts to understand the frustrations they have with video analysis workflows.

Drawing on those conversations and our experience providing video solutions to the NFL, NHL and MLB, we’ve developed VISION to optimise and simplify the analysis process.

Integrate: VISION consolidates Catapult data with your video analysis to add context, simplify workflows, and refine your analysis.

Import: Maximise the efficiency of your analysis by importing multiple leading data sources into VISION.

Present: VISION’s integrated telestration tools allow you to quickly highlight key points without exporting to external platforms.

Communicate: Seamlessly send video to your players’ mobile devices to enhance the distribution and discussion of performance information in your organisation.

Want to see how VISION can transform your video analysis workflow? Click here to find out more and arrange a demonstration.

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