Injury Risk Reduction Strategies in Elite Football: Dr. Steve Barrett, Hull City Tigers

At a recent Catapult workshop at St George’s Park, Dr. Steve Barrett, First Team Lead Sport Scientist at Hull City Tigers, gave a presentation on injury risk reduction strategies in elite football.

Providing an insight into the injury mitigation protocols used at the highest levels of football, Steve’s presentation looked at a number of issues related to the establishment of key strategies and their practical application.

Some of the topics Steve spoke about included:

Can we really prevent injuries? (00:50)

The importance of establishing clear goals for sports medicine and sports science departments (02:00)

Key ways sports scientists can monitor performance to reduce the potential risk of injury to players (05:30)

How injury risk reduction strategies can be put into practice during pre-season training (25:15)

Reviewing the effectiveness of processes and analysing results in the appropriate context (37:00)

You can find more elite practitioner interviews from our events over on the Catapult YouTube channel.

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