High Performance Practitioner Interview: Dr. Bryan English

Our latest High Performance Practitioner Interview features a discussion between Chris Barnes and Dr. Bryan English, Head of Sports Medicine at Middlesbrough FC.

Possessing a wealth of experience across a range of sports, Bryan began his career in the NHS before going on to work in judo, basketball, ice hockey and track and field. He started his career in football with Chelsea in 2004, joining Middlesbrough in 2013.

During the interview, Chris and Bryan take in a range of topics, including:

  • Bryan’s professional background (00:50)
  • The benefits of a general medical background for practitioners in sport (02:30)
  • The mutual benefits of sports scientists and sports medics working together (04:10)
  • The legacy of Nick Broad (06:30)
  • The use of sand in injury rehabilitation (11:25)
  • The current challenges facing sports medicine (23:30)
  • The perception of the medical profession in sport (29:45)

You can watch previous HPP interviews on the Catapult YouTube channel.

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