FC St. Pauli Announces Catapult as Official Performance Analysis and Athlete Monitoring Software Partner

Empowering the Club with Data-Driven Training and Performance Optimisation

FC St. Pauli has announced Catapult Sports as its official performance analysis and athlete monitoring software partner. The partnership will allow FC St. Pauli to contextualise the physical outputs of every phase of play, empowering them to optimize training sessions with more certainty and accuracy than ever before.

These workflows are all in a single platform, releasing significant amounts of time and powering faster decision-making.

Empowering the Club with Data-Driven Training and Performance Optimisation

“Our collaboration with both FC St. Pauli’s Performance Analysis and Athletic Department, let by Ole Marschall and Christoph Hain Scheller has been exceptional. It is exciting to see our long-term project with this iconic Bundesliga club evolving,” said Stephan Rüter, Catapult’s Regional Sales Director Western Europe.

“By using our solutions, FC. St. Pauli will be able to uncover valuable insights and use objective data to avoid costly player injuries.”

The Power of Video Analysis and Athlete Monitoring

Catapult’s MatchTracker software solution provides teams with pre-match planning, live match analysis, and post-match review. Through using MatchTracker, every performance dataset is automatically connected video and filterable alongside video and a variety of visualisations.

Moreover, MatchTracker is the first analysis platform to fully integrate players’ physical data captured by Vector wearable devices. Player outputs such as maximum speed, intensity, distance covered, and player load are connected videos with a click of a button. Now FC St. Pauli, can quickly identify players involved in key moments and analyze performance related to their physical outputs.

According to the club’s video analyst, Ole Marschall, MatchTracker offers “unprecedented efficiency in the analysis of individual/group and team tactical behaviour” and “great added value for preparing training sessions and matches.”

Keen to learn more about the power of syncing data to video? Click here to watch our recent webinar as Senior Product Manager, Adam Chovan, explains it all.

The Leading Athlete Monitoring System for Elite Sports

Catapult Vector is the leading athlete monitoring system for elite sports, delivering live algorithms, communications, and enhanced performance insights and functionality to sports scientists and athletes.

The inertial sensors inside Vector devices are capable of delivering detailed football-specific analytics that helps optimise athlete performance, mitigate injury risks, and inform return-to-play protocols.

The Power of Video Analysis and Athlete Monitoring

Joining a Community of Bundesliga Clubs and Elite Teams Around the World

FC St Pauli joins a list of Bundesliga clubs, including Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Köln, relying on Catapult for critical performance insights and workflows. Teams around the world, including National Federations, English Premier League clubs, and national teams, use Catapult products to compete at their best.

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About FC St. Pauli

FC St. Pauli is more than just a football club; it is a business enterprise and amateur sports club embodying a community of values that strives for a better world. The club stands for authentic sport, tolerance, and fairness and plays an important role in taking on social responsibility in the St. Pauli district.

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