Catapult hosts second regional Meet Up at King Power Stadium

Following on from the success of our first Catapult Meet Up at Hull City Tigers, we recently held our second event in the series at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium.

Bringing sports science practitioners together from across The Midlands and London, the Meet Up was well attended and featured presentations from John Hill (Head of Sports Science, MK Dons), Dr. Steve Barrett (First Team Lead Sport/Data Scientist, Hull City Tigers) and Matt Reeves (Head of Fitness & Conditioning, Leicester City).

John Hill: Identifying Peak Periods and Applications for Performance

Using the identification and understanding of peak periods of intensity as the basis for his talk, John expanded to speak about the types of questions sports science practitioners should be asking in order to make the maximum possible impact on performance.

Informing his presentation with real-world examples from his work at MK Dons, John encouraged collective discussion around the fundamental questions of sports science as he looked at how peak periods of intensity in matches can affect performance.


Dr. Steve Barrett: Applied Research & Challenging How We Use Technology

Charting the evolution of performance technology, Steve’s presentation looked at how a more applied approach to research and validation can improve processes and ensure that practitioners are getting the maximum possible value from the systems they use.

Highlighting the important of informing practice with the latest research, Steve also emphasised the value of an inquisitive and collaborative mindset in sports science. By establishing partnerships with local universities or opening up dialogue with industry peers, practitioners only stand to gain by sharing knowledge and learning from others.


Matt Reeves: Managing the Transition When Young Players Step into the Senior Team

Drawing on his experiences with Leicester City and the England age-group squads, Matt assessed the way sports scientists and other support staff can help young players make the often difficult transition from the academy to the first team.

Looking at the apparent lack of players making it through the academy system in England, Matt described how club staff can better overcome challenges in such an important area. Sharing from his own experience and from the scientific literature, Matt demonstrated how the establishment of clear processes can make a positive impact on a young player’s experience and their likelihood of making a more comfortable transition into senior football.


Thanks to John, Steve and Matt for presenting engaging insights, and to all those who attended for contributing to another excellent Catapult Meet Up.

You can find video presentations from other Catapult events on our YouTube channel. Audio clips from our Meet Ups can be found on our SoundCloud page.

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