Catapult awarded video exchange contract by top 130 US college football teams

Catapult is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract with the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams to provide video exchange services to all 130 Division 1 American football teams.

Following an extensive due diligence and competitive tender process, the movement of all FBS video content related to college football will be handled by Catapult. Catapult’s new video exchange solution will change the way content is traded among college football teams and open up new strategic opportunities for the company.

Catapult was able to build upon its existing platform to handle new requirements and workflows to support the needs of the NCAA FBS customers. The due diligence process included a two-week live assessment during which the exchange solution was made available to over 70 teams to upload and download video and data. The win signifies an accelerated step towards offering a broader platform of cloud services to Catapult’s customers.

The partnership will open up several new commercial opportunities in the market, including but not limited to media customers for Catapult’s content licensing group, improved workflow efficiency for XOS by Catapult customers, and add-on packages for video editing and event data.

Catapult’s CEO, Will Lopes, views this partnership as an exciting step towards building a platform of solutions not just for teams, but also leagues and governing bodies.

“Catapult has the sports world’s leading credentials when it comes to housing, organising, and distributing video content,” Lopes said.

“This partnership is validation for our platform, a testament to our efficient product development capabilities, and a big motivation for us to continue obsessing over our customers at all levels with innovative solutions that enhance professional sport and the loyal audience it brings”.

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