Catapult awarded major Hungarian contract covering 16 teams and multiple sports

Catapult is pleased to announce it has been awarded a significant contract in Hungary with BMSK Sport Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. to provide 16 sports academies and teams, across three core national sports, video analysis and wearable technology services. This contract is the single largest capital deal won by Catapult to date.

Following a competitive tender and due diligence process, the academy’s football, handball, and basketball teams will implement Catapult’s solutions for the next four years, which includes video analysis, wearable technology, and Catapult’s ClearSky local positioning system (LPS) installed for basketball and handball teams.

The due diligence process in Hungary included extensive testing and committee assessments. The combination and integration of multiple solutions was the differentiating point in enhancing the value to teams, allowing them to make faster decisions from the insights Catapult empowers.

Mr. Bela Illes, the Founder and Director of Illes Soccer Academy and one of Hungary’s best soccer players of the 1990s with 540 league appearances, 64 national-team caps and 215 career goals, is excited to implement individualised feedback for his academy’s elite players.

“One of the firstly-founded elite Hungarian soccer academies, the Illes Academy has been playing a key role in youth development during the past 1.5 decades. This has been contributed to by the fast development of advanced technologies – including the technology developed by Catapult which helps us, among others, to create advanced training schedules and the performance information we collect provides important feedback for us. All Catapult data will be collected by our sport science team and used by our professional staff  when creating training plans on team and individual level.”

Catapult’s presence in Europe continues to grow following this successful tender, with the Company uniquely positioned to offer the best in sports performance technology to elite and aspiring elite professional organisations.

Catapult’s Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Bairos, commented on the successful tender.

“We are delighted to be awarded this competitive tender and to expand how we help teams in Hungary make performance decisions. The combination of video and wearable insights was a key contributor to the success of our tender response, and we remain uniquely positioned to offer new performance insights through combined solutions.

“This success also reinforces how Catapult’s products help all levels of sport. It’s encouraging to see professional academies around Europe choosing elite solutions to support athlete and coaching decisions. Handball and basketball are core national sports in Eastern Europe, particularly, and Catapult is uniquely positioned with an elite solution for teams competing in indoor environments.”

The partnership will open up several new commercial opportunities in Hungary to upgrade teams with Catapult’s future solution and service initiatives and further reinforces the opportunity in Europe with sports academies in emerging markets.

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