Why Boston College Field Hockey chose Focus video analysis

Boston College has implemented Focus video analysis throughout their women’s field hockey program to allow for a consistent analysis approach throughout the club by tracking and monitoring player and team development. Boston College was looking to identify key coaching moments and share insights quickly and effectively with their athletes. It was a priority to optimise their facilities for video analysis, ensuring the field hockey team had the tools they needed to be competitive.

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Boston College Field Hockey

What is Field Hockey video analysis software?

Used in elite sports, video analysis software powers the decision-making process which enhances team performance. The system captures all video angles of training and competitions enabling real-time visualisation of crucial game moments. Key information and incidents are identified by tagging and clipping video. The synchronised footage is instantly accessible for presentation and review by coaches, medics, and players to analyse performance. 

The software is used across the world in a variety of sports including: Soccer, Rugby, American Football, Basketball, and Field Hockey. Professional and College teams throughout these sports and many others have invested in their performance analysis infrastructure by implementing video analysis software to empower their coaches and players.

The term fine margins is often expressed in sports with the margin between winning and losing being so small, teams use video analysis software to power their decision-making and performance analysis.  Some frequent uses of video analysis software include: recording training sessions, reviewing video clips, & creating detailed reports. Whether that’s a competitive game or training session, the software allows analysts to capture key information and share data with the players and coaches.

Video analysis software helps teams performance analysts to use training or competition data to inform decision-making, whether that’s pre-game, live in-game or for post-match review. 

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Focus Video Analysis for NCAA Field Hockey: The telestration tools in presentation mode

The advantages of using Focus Video Analysis for BC

Focus is used by competitors, officials, and organisations in a wide range of sports to record multiple angles to tablets, laptops and workstations from all the video sources available at the venue.

In the stadium or at the training ground, Focus can record multiple video angles for instant review. Our software can capture every moment of training and competitive events, with instant replay and live clipping available for coaches to review both team and individual performance. Incidents can be tagged, added to playlists and then shared during or after the match. 

Focus is intuitive and optimised to provide interactivity and touch control for pitch-side interaction and enable collaborative viewing and sharing of video and tags.  

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The benefits to Boston College Field Hockey

Our clients, Boston College Field Hockey has been using our video analysis software solution, Focus, to monitor and improve performance since last season, “Focus has allowed us to really enhance our level of video analysis within the Boston College Field Hockey program,” said BC Field Hockey Assistant Coach Mark Foster.

“The data that we can analyse and the tools available in the presentation mode have enabled us to streamline our scout reports and game reviews in order to present the most efficient and easy-to-understand information to our players. 

“We’ve also benefited from the use of the Focus Server, due to Covid there has been a lack of available staff members so being able to share a package live from our video tower to the bench live in-game has given us the advantage to be able to make the key changes necessary in a simpler way.”

Focus Features: Overlay multiple video angles allows for a comprehensive view of the game

Focus video analysis software is designed to help both coaches and players improve their performance. Coaches need to be efficient with their time and the speed at which performance analysts can package up the video analysis from Focus allows decisions to be made quickly. 

Video analysis software offers the players a new perspective on their performance, highlighting both positives and negatives which can then be worked on in future training sessions. As with all our clients our objective is to help teams understand how they are performing and to provide them with the tools to process their data, make informed decisions, that will lead to more effective training interventions and ultimately successful performances. 

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