Multiple teams, one platform: How Baylor University improved data management with AMS by Catapult

AMS by Catapult supports multiple squads, teams and departments in one account, with athletes and staff restricted to assigned groups.

Baylor University implemented AMS by Catapult for all 19 of its Bears teams. Within the teams, all athletes are organised into groups. AMS by Catapult enables organisations like Baylor to put boundaries in place, for instance, between performance and support staff, while allowing the medical department to work with all athletes.

Organising athletes into training and positional groups is not enough for many organisations who need tighter controls around confidentiality and duty of care. There is no need to have separate accounts with AMS by Catapult. Not only does this reduce management time and costs, but at the administrator level, athletes can move between squads in a couple of clicks.

Across the platform, groups are a filter for staff to view data, reports, schedules, and messages. Each staff member logs in to a platform that’s personalised according to their role and groups.

When creating a user, you have the option to assign the user to a group or multiple groups, or you can leave the user as unassigned. Assigning a staff member to a group will allow the staff member to view data for those players within the assigned group.

Baylor University Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Health and Wellness, Kenny Boyd, said, “AMS by Catapult is the piece that brings together the vast range of innovative technologies we use across all 19 of our NCAA sport programs. The ability to have all our data, information, and planning tools in one platform will mean we can better understand and manage student-athlete health and wellness insights. In turn, our staff and coaches will be able to communicate at an elite level to care for our student-athletes and more effectively support our vision to prepare champions for life.”

If you are interested in an athlete management system that works for your entire organisation and makes it possible to restrict data by department right down to an individual athlete level, click here to speak to a Catapult sports scientist.

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