Baylor University becomes first organisation to integrate Catapult wearable, video and AMS products

NCAA Division 1 program Baylor University Athletics Department is the first Catapult client to adopt its full-stack technology solution, integrating wearable-derived performance data with video analysis tools and an athlete management system.

Having already used Catapult’s S5 devices with their football and soccer programs to quantify performance over the past four seasons, as well as using XOS Digital for all its video tagging and sharing needs, Baylor recently implemented AMS by Catapult for all 19 of its Bears teams.

This means that over 500 student athletes, their coaches and health and wellness teams, will benefit from a performance automation platform that helps mitigate injury risk, quantify readiness for competition, map return to play, and assist with injury and illness management.

Andrew Althoff, Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance, believes the implementation of AMS by Catapult will tie together their performance and team planning objectives in one platform.

“Catapult has been a core source of information for our performance planning and management for the past four years. We utilise the data as part of the decision-making process when monitoring and managing loads, as well as arranging recovery and regeneration methods. The ability to now streamline all this data into AMS from multiple inputs will be critical to our success moving forward.”

AMS by Catapult provides insights into training, health and wellness, and performance by pulling in data from a range of sources to help you make the right interventions and affect positive change.

Baylor’s Director of Sports Medicine, Dave Snyder, sees the implementation of AMS by Catapult program-wide as being transformative for how he collects and manages medical data.

“The medical reporting within the AMS by Catapult platform will form an increasingly instrumental part of our day-to-day workflow in how we collate, communicate, and action medical information. We look forward to the integration of wearable and video data solutions too, to further provide context into athlete injury and illness.”

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Health and Wellness, Kenny Boyd, added that “AMS by Catapult is the piece that brings together the vast range of innovative technologies we use across all 19 of our NCAA sport programs. The ability to have all our data, information, and planning tools in one platform will mean we can better understand and manage student-athlete health and wellness insights. In turn, our staff and coaches will be able to communicate at an elite level to care for our student-athletes and more effectively support our vision to prepare champions for life.”

AMS by Catapult’s General Manager, Anton Jovanovic, said that “what we’re seeing with Baylor is indicative of what a lot of innovative powerhouse college programs are seeking – a seamless athlete management system that pulls in a range of information sources and puts everyone on the same page. It’s a testament to the scalability of the product, and we look forward to assisting where we can in the management of their objective and subjective performance data.”

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