XFL Inks League-Wide Agreement with Catapult for Cutting-Edge Athlete Monitoring and Analysis

New XFL League Gears Up with Catapult’s Full Suite of Technology: Vector, Thunder, and Scout to Optimize Player Health and Performance.

Today, the XFL has penned a league-wide agreement with Catapult to power athlete monitoring and video analysis processes. Now the fan-first, fast-paced XFL will now be able to utilize Catapult’s cutting-edge technology and football-specific insights to enhance player performance and safety.

XFL Inks League-Wide Agreement with Catapult

The XFL kicks off on February 18, 2023, and thanks to this league-wide agreement, the league’s eight teams, coaches, and staff will rely on Catapult solutions. Solutions include Vector, Thunder, and Scout which allow for more informed decisions about players faster than ever before.

How the XFL now uses Cutting-Edge solutions

Using Catapult’s football-specific solutions provides the XFL access to cutting-edge technology meant to keep players healthy and performing at their best for fans. Vector specifically, is a powerful athlete performance data solution that allows teams to make objective decisions about athletes, maximize performance, and mitigate costly injuries.

XFL player wearing Catapult's cutting-edge solutions

In addition, coaches will be able to review game film, opponent strategies, and practice footage using Thunder, Catapult’s video analysis solution for American football. Furthermore, Scout, the industry’s most comprehensive player and team recruiting library of content, will be used to identify new talent for the league.

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360-Degree Technology for Football

With the full suite of Catapult’s American football-specific products, these solutions combine to create a cohesive platform, unique to the XFL, which gives coaches and staff 360-degree technology for measuring players, tracking performance, and presenting film.

“Catapult’s cutting-edge technology and football-specific insights will allow our coaches and training staff to monitor player safety with more precision and accuracy than ever before,” said Russ Brandon, XFL President. 

“Catapult’s data capturing capabilities will drive performance gains for players, reducing their chances of injury, and help inform our League’s return to play protocols by analyzing baseline player load metrics. The XFL is committed to exploring innovative football technology that can advance the game of football for players and coaches, alike, and we will continue to integrate top technologies, such as Catapult, into our system to further enhance the league.”

XFL: Advance the game of football for players

Catapult CEO, Will Lopes, said: “The XFL is an exciting player-first league, and its leaders understand how athlete data and video analysis are critical to keeping their best athletes healthy for fans … It is exciting to work with such an innovative league.”

“One of the top priorities of our league is player safety,” said Doug Whaley, Senior Vice President, Player Personnel, of the XFL. “By using Catapult’s technology, specialized data set, and real-time analysis, the XFL will be more informed about our athletes, allowing us to unleash the full potential of our players and put the best football product on the field as possible.”

Catapult solutions are trusted by the best teams in the world, including all 32 NFL teams, reigning College Football Playoff Champions University of Georgia, and 95% of Power 5 programs in the U.S.

The Future of Football: How the XFL is leading the way in 2023

This XFL league-wide agreement comes just days after 7,000 football coaches attended the American Football Coaches Association. Catapult’s football performance experts were in attendance, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions for the sport.

Exclusive Report: Using Athlete Monitoring in Football

To help the 7,000 coaches in attendance better understand the value of athlete monitoring in football, Catapult released an exclusive report on the topic. This report provides valuable insights and real-world examples of how teams and leagues can improve player performance and safety through the use of technology like Catapult’s

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Catapult Unveils Wireless Charging Smart Football at CES 2023

On January 4th, 2023, Catapult unveiled the future of football with a new wireless charging smart football at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This football is the first smart American football with an embedded tracker that can charge wirelessly without sacrificing precision data. The football reports movements in real-time to the cloud, allowing coaches to track and analyze not only every movement athletes make but the ball itself, giving a more complete picture of practice and game time activities.

The wireless charging cradle is powered by Energous’s WattUp technology. This eliminates the need for charging the balls on the sidelines and ensures that teams can practice and compete without interruptions.

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Dany Garcia’s Commitment to Athlete Safety in XFL

In a fascinating turn of events, Dany Garcia, co-owner of the XFL, has set the bar high for her commitment to the safety of her athletes. In an exciting revelation, Garcia stated she is executing all the stunts herself without any assistance from her co-owner and former wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

According to a recent article on Essentially Sports, Garcia is committed to making XFL a safer place for athletes. She expressed her dedication to ensuring the well-being of her athletes, stating that if she wouldn’t do the stunts herself, she wouldn’t expect her players to do it.

This is a unique approach, differentiating the XFL from other leagues. Dany’s actions speak volumes about the type of management and care athletes can expect to receive in this reformed league. As we continue to focus on safety measures within XFL in our posts, Garcia’s commitment underscores the importance of safety and stands as a benchmark for other leagues to emulate.

Her efforts will surely build trust among the athletes and fans alike, reflecting positively on the league’s reputation. The XFL’s commitment to safety, further cemented by Garcia’s personal involvement, exemplifies the kind of progressive and athlete-centric management that’s shaping the future of the sports industry.

For a more detailed account of Dany Garcia’s unwavering commitment and hands-on approach, make sure to read the full article. We’re excited to see how the league’s devotion to safety continues to evolve under her leadership.

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