Temple University signs a multi-sport partnership with Catapult

Temple University’s 19 men’s and women’s varsity athletic teams compete at the highest level of collegiate sports – NCAA Division I. They are committed to pursuing excellence and providing opportunities for student-athletes to maximise their athletic, academic, and life-skill potential.

Today, Catapult is proud to announce a multi-sport partnership with Temple University. The partnership sees six Temple Owls’ programs (football, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, field hockey, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball) use Vector, our seventh-generation elite wearable, and video analysis solution, Vision.

Catapult’s solutions will support numerous coaches and administrators across their planning, conditioning, practice sessions, and games. Ahead of this announcement, we caught up with a number of coaches to discuss the benefits the partnership provides the Owls’ programs and student-athletes:

  • Football: “Catapult gives us more insight into keeping our athletes safe”

  • Soccer: “It is our most vital piece of equipment”

  • Field Hockey: “Catapult was on our dream list of things that we wanted”



Football: “Catapult gives us more insight into keeping our athletes safe”

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jacob Ricketts, details their use of Catapult and how it guides the coaches’ decision-making.

“Catapult tracks what our student-athletes do in every session. Whether that’s a running, rehab, or a practice session. It tells us how much work they’re doing, how fast they’re running, and how often they’re changing direction and at what speed.”

By tracking across all running, rehab, and practice sessions, Ricketts explains that, “it gives us an exact number of the amount of work that our athletes are doing, then we’re able to progress or regress from there.”

The technology opens the door to new conversations with athletic training coaches. Informed changes can be made to better maximize what the Temple student-athletes do.

“Catapult guides our decision making on a daily basis, it’s another tool in the toolbox. There’s a lot to be said for coaches’ eyes, but there’s also a lot to be said for data. You can’t argue with data. So now, it’s a combination of years of experience of a coach and data that enables us to know what we know, about our teams.”

Soccer: “It is our most vital piece of equipment”

Men’s Soccer Head Coach, Brian Rowland, has known about Catapult for some time after investigating what professional teams use to improve performance.

“Catapult’s obviously big in the European leagues and worldwide in terms of soccer performance, data, and analytics. So when we heard about the partnership, it was a big thing. We knew Catapult was at the top and something for us to aim for, we are really excited to be able to start working together”.

Speaking specifically about the Men’s soccer team’s use of Catapult, Rowland says:

“It’s been huge for us. From one on the roster all the way down to 32, everyone wears the Catapult technology. What is key for us, is to not only prepare properly for a game, but also to keep the whole squad ready at any moment.”

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Field Hockey: “Catapult was on our dream list of things that we wanted”

When asked to comment on Temple’s use of our video analysis solution, Vision, Head Coach Susan Ciufo mentioned her positive first impressions.

“Having Vision has been really fun for us. Whether it’s practice or a game, we can live code our footage, get it on our athletes’ computers immediately, and tag a specific play right away. Student-athletes are visual learners so we now have the opportunity to see our footage instantly.

“I know a lot of programs are using it at the higher levels. We’re really fortunate to have Catapult here and be able to collect a lot of data to get us to a point that we’re really seeing a lot of the benefit.”

Referring back to the field hockey program’s mission, Ciufo says, “when we talk about work ethic, our program is about our energy, our work rate, and what we are doing. Catapult tells us what our eyes are seeing but also tells our athletes, there is no hiding.” 

Ben Slingerland, a Catapult Business Development Manager, said: 

“Over the last couple of years, I have gotten to know several of the coaches and administrators at Temple. They have an undying appetite to learn and leverage innovative technology so to improve their student-athletes performance.

“We are delighted to continue to grow our relationship with Temple University and look forward to their continued success.”


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