Multi-Mechanical Models: Jack Sharkey, Aston Villa FC

The recent Catapult workshop at Villa Park featured a presentation by Jack Sharkey, Lead Sport Scientist at Aston Villa, on the use of multi-mechanical models to monitor training load.

Defining multi-mechanical models and providing an overview of some of the academic research in that area, Jack also offered an insight into how Aston Villa have designed and implemented their own model.

Some of the key topics in Jack’s presentation included:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • How multi-mechanical models fit into the training process (00:40)
  • Bringing parameters together to prepare players for match demands (02:06)
  • What does the research say? (04:13)
  • How AVFC are implementing their own multi-mechanical model (06:56)
  • Take-home messages (13:33)

Hosted regularly to cater for different sports and locations, Catapult’s workshops are an informal opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking among sports science practitioners.

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