How Melbourne United integrate wearable performance data into AMS by Catapult

An advantage of AMS by Catapult is that it comes seamlessly connected with OpenField and EVO Cloud at no additional cost.

National Basketball League champions Melbourne United largely based their decision to implement AMS by Catapult on that link between Catapult’s solutions.

Eric Hollingsworth, High Performance Manager at Melbourne United, believes the integration will expedite his work flow and free up time.

“In elite sport, anything that can save time is worth its weight in gold. So to be able to have our wearable data sync straight into the AMS, without messing about importing or exporting CSV files, that was a huge benefit that I saw with AMS by Catapult. Bringing all of the team’s data into one place just allows me to be more efficient with my time.”

A one-time player mapping API connects OpenField or GPSports Cloud to AMS by Catapult for ongoing sync of Catapult wearable data whenever the sync is run on console.

  • Connect to multiple wearable accounts
  • Create simple reports
  • Overlay data from multiple sources in one graph/table (i.e. wearable data with physical, technical and wellness data)
  • Combine with automated alerting

This allows you to view and manage all your performance data alongside your team’s wellness and injury information, providing elite sport’s first all-encompassing monitoring platform using Catapult data.

Anton Jovanovic, AMS by Catapult General Manager, added; “More and more we are seeing clients wanting to deal with one technology provider, with automation and workflow being a constant theme. Catapult has built a solution for professional sporting organisations to streamline their operations while providing enough flexibility for performance departments to analyse data from any source.”

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