Introducing Catapult Vector: Engineered for Performance

We’re excited to release Catapult Vector, our seventh-generation elite wearable device that represents the new benchmark in athlete monitoring.

Performance Innovation

Developed over five years in conjunction with some of the world’s leading performance practitioners, Catapult Vector delivers new levels of accuracy, usability and efficiency to inform critical decisions around performance, injury risk, and return-to-play.

Vector delivers a range of new features, benefits and innovations, including:

  • Leading in-stadium performance
  • Combined indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Enhanced live experience
  • Fast, efficient and logical workflows
  • Integrated heart rate monitoring
  • Miniaturised device
  • FIFA and World Rugby compliance
  • Evolution of the user experience


Intelligent Design

Vector’s physical design incorporates features that improve the user experience, including front-facing LEDs that instantly display battery, positional, heart rate, UWB connectivity, and Bluetooth information.

At 81 x 43.5 x 15.9mm, Catapult Vector is 20% smaller than the OptimEye S5. Vector also comes with a smart docking station that can simultaneously charge up to 24 devices. The new device also contains significant on-board computing power for generating sport-specific insights.

Catapult Vector achieves in-stadium data quality through a specifically-optimised GNSS chip. The device is able to work indoors and outdoors, even combining ClearSky and satellite-derived data into a single activity when required.

Integrated Heart Rate

For the first time, Vector enables users to collect heart rate data without additional wearable products. Collecting data directly from Vector’s sensor-embedded vest, the technology removes the need for a heart rate strap or additional hardware. This improves athlete buy-in and provides a robust solution for capturing physiological information alongside movement data.

Catapult Vector will start to be rolled out to beta partners in selected regions in the first half of 2019.

Find out how Vector can take your team’s performance to the next level.

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