Inspire Health Services designed a wellness program for their staff, as well as the athletes they work with

Health practitioners at Inspire Health Services work with elite athletes to optimise their wellness and performance. Part of their approach is to offer emotional support by allowing athletes to tell their story and express their struggles and achievements.

Partnering with Catapult to implement AMS, Inspire Health have further improved the way they track their athletes’ performance and general wellness.

Senior Exercise Physiologist and Head of Inspire’s Sponsored Athlete Program, James Nightingale said “Catapult AMS has allowed us to get the most out of our program, which has seen our athletes win national championships and push into single figure world rankings in their sports. It has been useful in helping us know which days to push a bit harder, and more importantly which days are best to take the foot off the gas in training to allow the body to rest and adapt for best results.”

Clear communication with athletes is key to improving performance. With many of Inspire’s athletes training off site, out of the city, or even internationally, face-to-face consultations are often not possible. consulting with the face-to-face often isn’t possible. Catapult AMS has been utilised to facilitate immediate communication and provide up-to-date wellness data, that enables Inspire practitioners to pick up on any trends that may emerge that affect training or performance.

Inspire Health also have another important purpose for Catapult AMS. While their rewarding work is focused on helping their clients and athletes reach their goals, leaders at Inspire recognised it can become easy for their team of practitioners to neglect themselves and put their personal wellness second.

By making their own team part of their Wellness Program, Inspire gain a similar snapshot of their practitioners’ wellbeing and have established exceptional internal duty-of-care policies.

The aim of their program is not only to empower practitioners and staff to feel more motivated to perform, but also feel supported to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Inspire HR Advisor, Hayley Peglar said “We use the wellness feature to capture stress levels, motivation, nutrition and sleep data. AMS makes my job easier, as I can observe the performance and wellness of all employees and practitioners within the organisation. The simplicity of them capturing the data on a daily basis allows for more accurate and timely data.”

Catapult AMS General Manager, Anton Jovanovic, says the success Inspire Health Services have had is encouraging for the product’s use beyond elite sports teams.

“Inspire Health Services are really leading the way in the management of their athletes,” Anton said. “From a planning and communication perspective, but also in how they’re proactively monitoring their physical demands to mitigate injury risk. We’re excited to continue building out the wellness functionality of Catapult AMS so innovative organisations can continue to push it to new levels.”

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