Generating ROI on Athlete Monitoring Technology: Injury Risk Reduction

Our latest ebook, Generating ROI on Athlete Monitoring Technology, examines the way monitoring systems can add value to clubs beyond pure on-field performance.

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Although the primary motivations for investing in athlete monitoring systems have always been to quantify and optimise the performance of elite athletes, the technology has value that extends far beyond those fundamental purposes.

When your club is weighing up whether or not to invest in a new product or service, one of the key questions will often be how the organisation might generate return on investment in both pure performance terms and also across other areas of the business.

One of the key functions of athlete monitoring technologies is helping organisations to use performance data to reduce injury risk among their athletes. According to the BBC, the cost of injuries to Premier League clubs rose from £176.6m to £217m (an increase of 21%) between the 2015/16 and 16/17 seasons. Insurance broker JLT Speciality calculated that the average cost of an injury in the Premier League was £323,000 in player wages, a significant inefficiency in the application of clubs’ financial resources.

By monitoring athletes and developing individual and squad databases over time, coaches can reach an enhanced, objective understanding of the physiology of their players. As part of this process, it becomes possible to identify ‘red flags’ that are associated with increased risk of injury. Once these warning signs have been established, staff can make interventions to reduce of remove that risk, a policy that can lead to improved athlete availability, reduced costs, and a significant return on investment over the course of a season.

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