Generating ROI on Athlete Monitoring Technology: Communication & Data Management

Our latest ebook, Generating ROI on Athlete Monitoring Technology, examines the way monitoring systems can add value to clubs beyond pure on-field performance.

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Although the primary motivations for investing in athlete monitoring systems have always been to quantify and optimise the performance of elite athletes, the technology has value that extends far beyond those fundamental purposes.

When your club is weighing up whether or not to invest in a new product or service, one of the key questions will often be how the organisation might generate return on investment in both pure performance terms and also across other areas of the business.

Clear and efficient communication is central to the success of any sporting organisation. In what is a fast-paced and competitive environment, it is vital to establish strong lines of communication across departments and between coaching staff and athletes.

When it comes to coach-athlete communication, brevity and clarity are paramount; coaches constantly need to be able to distil information into messages that are easy for athletes to digest and apply to their performance on the field. Similarly, sports scientists are required to synthesise huge amount of data into actionable insights that coaches can build into training schedules and tactical planning.

The use of athlete monitoring technology can be a major component of the communication process. From the presentation of performance insights, to justifying training plans and selection decisions, the ability to source actionable insights and support judgements with objective data is imperative and delivers value that goes far beyond on-field performance.

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