Introducing Catapult Connect: API integration between OpenField and any athlete management system

Catapult has released a comprehensive API integration tool, Catapult Connect, that enables OpenField to be synced with any athlete management system.

Whether you have a proprietary team platform, third-party technology, or you use AMS by Catapult, Catapult Connect links all your performance solutions.

Catapult Connect works through three custom API integrations:

Integration with team platform

  • Seamlessly connect OpenField with your own proprietary athlete management system.
  • Automatically export Catapult data into a holistic view of athlete and team performance in your custom-built platform.

Integration with third party athlete management system

  • Customised OpenField API for various third party AMS platforms available on the market.
  • Limited Catapult data can currently be imported into other AMS products, but integration is time consuming.

Integration with AMS by Catapult

  • Implement AMS by Catapult and automatically integrate wearable performance data with all your other data and technology inputs. AMS by Catapult comes seamlessly connected with OpenField and EVO Cloud at no additional cost.
  • Catapult Connect provides practitioners the ability to compare their objective performance data with information and insights collected from a multitude of other technologies and sources.

To find out more about OpenField, and Catapult Connect, visit this page to uncover the power and flexibility of Catapult’s proprietary athlete analytics platform.

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